Biffle keeps 85 race streak without DNF alive with 38th place finish at Dover

The “Monster Mile” of Dover International Speedway tried its best to bring down the No. 16 3M team, but Biffle and the Pit Bulls fought back hard.  On lap 134 Biffle was tagged in the left rear and spun around into the wall.  The team worked over the next 100 laps on repairs and returned Biffle to the track with a fast 3M Ford, gaining two spots for their efforts and crossing the finish line 38th.  The finish keeps Biffle as the driver with the longest streak of completing every race, not having missed the checkered flag since 2011. 

“Inside of the car I didn’t really know what happened,” said Biffle.  “I just knew that the No. 47 got into us pretty hard and turned us into the fence. After watching the replay I see what happened. They were racing hard back there and he stuck it into a hole that maybe there wasn’t room for. There definitely wasn’t room to come three-quarters of the way around the corner I guess and he slid off the bottom and got his right-rear caught by the No. 17 and up into us. It was a chain reaction. This place is tight and fast and when you get racing that hard back there on a restart stuff like that is going to happen.”

Biffle made it to the final of two qualifying sessions on Friday afternoon, earning a 12th-place starting position at Dover.  From the drop of the green flag Biffle struggled with a Ford that was extremely too loose.  Track bar and wedge adjustments helped, but still weren’t enough.

On lap 134 the No. 47 of AJ Allmendinger got into the left rear quarter panel of Biffle’s 3M Ford, sending him sideways into the wall.  The damage was too severe to continue and Biffle was forced to the garage for repairs.  A little over 100 laps later the 3M Pit Bulls had Biffle back on the track with a Ford that was handling extremely well around the one-mile track.

Biffle had returned to the track in the 40th position, but thanks to his teams’ hard work on repairs he was able to pick up two more spots as the laps dwindled down to earn a 38th-place finish at Dover.


Speedway Digest Staff

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