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RAB Racing, Alex Bowman in NASCAR Race at Charlotte to Be Sponsored by Microsoft

RAB Racing with Brack Maggard and driver Alex Bowman announced today that they are teaming with Microsoft Corp. for the NASCAR Nationwide Series History 300 on May 25 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Since its premiere at Daytona International Speedway in February, Toyota teams - including RAB Racing - have been utilizing its line-of-business Windows 8 Trackside app to enhance their performance on and off the racetrack. Developed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and running on the Surface Pro, RAB Racing is able to monitor real-time performance data, conveniently and portably. Because of its ability to share data with the crew instantaneously, the application has quickly become a staple of the team's strategy.


"I'm very proud to be able to represent a company like Microsoft and great products like Windows 8 and the Surface Pro," said owner Robby Benton. "Microsoft products have been a part of everyday life at RAB Racing since day one, so being able to represent them in NASCAR is a great opportunity. The Windows based application that TRD developed with Microsoft has helped our race team tremendously and made us more efficient utilizing the technology."


TRD selected the Surface Pro because of its touch-screen and lightweight features, making it easy for crew members to utilize its powerful computing features. Additionally, Surface's durable VaporMg chassis allows it to withstand the hazardous conditions of the racetrack.


"I love the Windows 8 Trackside app; it's made a world of a difference and boosted our performance in 2013," said Chris Rice, pit crew chief for #99 Alex Bowman. "There's a long list of features that have made all of our lives easier, from the track map, to the live timing and scoring - I can even make all my setup notes in the application and eliminate that big bulky binder with hundreds of pages that I carried from track to track. Probably my favorite feature on the device is how each one of my guys can share information back and forth without ever passing a note or talking to each other. And I can instantly see all the information from my engineers, read tire temperatures all instantly. The Windows 8 Trackside app really saved us a lot of time which translates into more time on track and less in the garage.


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