Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation Takes To Capitol Hill In Support Of Childhood Cancer Action Day

Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation (JGCF) is one of over 250 advocates from the childhood cancer community that will visit with members of Congress and staff on Capitol Hill today in support of Childhood Cancer Action Day. 


The two-day annual event, sponsored by the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, includes advocacy training, and pre-arranged visits with Congressional offices for parents, children and advocates providing them the opportunity to speak directly with legislators about important childhood cancer issues currently before Congress.


"When we lose a child to cancer, it's not only sad for the family and friends, it is sad for the world," said Trish Kriger, Executive Director of the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation.  "It's sad to think what we have all lost - a child's potential.  Who would they have touched in the next 70 years?  What would they have contributed to society?  What would their children and grandchildren have accomplished?  That's why we all have a stake in this fight, because when the potential of a child is limited by cancer, we all lose."


Action Day participants will share their personal stories and ask legislators for the support of increased appropriations for federal childhood cancer research funding and support of the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Reauthorization Act. In the United States, cancer remains the leading cause of death from disease in children. Childhood cancers are comprised of well over one hundred different types of cancer, many of which still have unacceptably low cure rates. Funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has steadily decreased which has in large measure resulted in an ever decreasing amount of research funding for children with cancer.


"It's more important than ever that the voice of the childhood cancer community is heard, "said Jeff Gordon, Founder of the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation. "Advancements made in childhood cancer treatment in the past decade have in large part come from funding from the National Cancer Institute. With the NCI's most substantial funding cut to date, future advancements in research and treatment for our children with cancer are in jeopardy."


In 2013, Action Day participants conducted 145 meetings with legislators, resulting in new co-sponsors for every legislative bill impacting childhood cancer and 17 members of the House of Representatives joining the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus.

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