Keselowski bares soul

15 Mar 2014 Reid Spencer - NASCAR Wire Service
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Keselowski bares soul Getty Images

Sharing a personal story of a former colleague and roommate who committed suicide after failing to make his mark in racing was not something Brad Keselowski was sure he should do in his racing blog.

"My lawyers and agent said 'no' and my heart said 'yes' and I followed my heart," Keselowski said. "I pushed the ‘send' button before they could get too involved. I think it's important to (share) personal stories because there's so much going on in this garage at all times.

"The positive response -- from fans and those inside the garage -- has really meant a lot to me."

In his blog, Keselowski admits he had difficulty celebrating last year's victory at Charlotte in the wake of the suicide and that his personal celebrations tend to be muted. "When my team wins a race, it's always difficult for me to celebrate and really let my emotion all the way out," writes Keselowski, who won last week's KOBALT 400 and starts on the front row this week.

As of Saturday morning, the blog post "The Meaning of Winning" at had received 357 thumbs-ups and 28 thumbs-downs.

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