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Adam Sinclair

Adam Sinclair

Adam has been a race fan since the first time he went through the tunnel under the Daytona International Speedway more than 30 years ago. He has had the privilege of traveling to races all across the state of Florida (as well as one race in Ohio), watching nearly everything with a motor compete for fame and glory, as well as participating in various racing schools to get the feel of what racecar drivers go through every week.  

Adam spent several years covering motorsports for Examiner.com., where he had the opportunity to see the racing world from behind the scenes as well as the grandstands. He invites everyone to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for all things racing with the readers of SpeedwayDigest.com.

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A new study that evaluates several approaches to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions from medium and heavy-duty vehicles from 2022-2032 finds considerable advantages with advanced diesel technology particularly when using renewable biofuels, as compared to an electrification strategy.

Medium and heavy-duty trucks operating in 10 Northeastern states (Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont) that have adopted California’s low emission (LEV) and zero emission vehicle (ZEV) regulations were studied by Stillwater Associates for the Diesel Technology Forum. An analysis was undertaken to analyze the environmental benefits attainable from three strategies in the 2022-2032 period; electrification, accelerated fleet turnover and use of biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel.

“As we look for the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions, this study demonstrates that accelerating fleet turnover and use of renewable and biodiesel fuels can deliver significantly more benefits (3X) that outweigh those possible from EVs in the region in the study period. Advanced diesel technology is more effective, more affordable, and most importantly more available than others.

“The urgency to implement solutions to reduce greenhouse gases from transportation and address climate change is heard on a daily basis. Transitions to new energy sources still have considerable uncertainties and longer timeframes – a decade or more -- to meaningful implementation. Some solutions will be available sooner than others and at larger scale than others. Advanced diesel technology, as well as renewable and biodiesel fuels, are key available solutions that can deliver big impacts today,” said Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

The considerable benefits of using low-carbon renewable biobased diesel fuels becomes clearer from this analysis. As these fuels can be used in all diesel vehicles today, fueling the diesel vehicles in the study with 100% renewable diesel resulted in three times larger cumulative GHG reductions by 2032 than the EV scenarios. Using B20 – a 20% blend of biodiesel with 80% petroleum diesel – provided about the same cumulative GHG reduction.

“All eyes seem to be focused on electrification as the best if not the only strategy for the future fuel and technology in the transportation sector. This work has illuminated that’s overly simplistic; that there are significant, less expensive, and more available emissions reduction strategies for these workhorse vehicles which can enable greater emission reductions to be delivered more rapidly,” said Gary Yowell, Automotive Engineer at Stillwater Associates.

Beyond GHG emissions, the research also highlighted impacts of an advanced diesel vs. electrification strategy on regional air quality as well, finding that the business-as-usual case replacing pre-2007 model year diesel vehicles which lacked diesel particulate filters with advanced technology diesel vehicles provided the largest particulate matter (PM) reduction. This is due to new technology diesel engines’ 98% PM reductions compared to EVs’ 95% PM reduction assuming power from the U.S. Grid Mix.

As for nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, EVs have 98.5% lower NOX than pre-2007 diesel vehicles on a per mile basis, and 2010 and later MY vehicles have 79% less NOx emissions than a 2007 diesel model. However, when replacing a diesel medium and heavy-duty vehicle with an EV and evaluated on an annual miles driven basis, the NOx benefit is diminished. EVs are generally deployed on shorter routes and have a shorter range of operation than that of a comparable diesel vehicle, with about 87% of the mileage on a daily basis. Given this mileage difference, NOx emission reductions for a fleet transitioning to EV will be less than the business-as-usual turnover from older generation diesel to advanced technology with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems that reduce NOx by 98%.

On a cumulative fleet conversion cost basis, turning over a medium and heavy-duty fleet of 10,000 vehicles in the region over to EV carries a price tag more than three times higher than the equivalent cost for new technology diesel vehicles. The incremental EV cost for Class 7/8 vehicles is $250,000 for the vehicle and $45,000 for charging infrastructure.

View and download the full study at https://dieselforum.egnyte.com/dl/MWHPcRW4e6

View and download the infographic at https://dieselforum.egnyte.com/dl/fZ9UzT4y6h

A live, virtual, event will be held with the researcher at 1:00 ET this afternoon. Register now through https://dieselforum.org/webinar/best-strategies-to-reduce-emissions-from-medium/heavy-duty-vehicle-fleets-in-northeast-us-accelerate-turnover-electrify-or-use-renewable-and-biodiesel-fuels

Sport for purpose series, Extreme E, has just completed an action-packed, first-ever double-header, the NEOM Island X Prix I and II, on the stunning island of Sardinia.

The event, co-organised by the Automobile Club d’Italia and Regione Sardegna, offered far more than just a thrilling motorsport spectacle. Away from the track, its drivers, scientists and partners all took centre stage when it came to supporting Sardinia’s sustainability initiatives.


1019246694-LAT-20220707-XP2202 134054SB3 4991


Legacy Programmes

Alongside the on-course action, Extreme E’s drivers had the chance to get involved in several Legacy Programmes, including that of partner Vodafone Business which announced the next phase of its collaboration with Extreme E to support local environmental projects.

During 2021, devastating fires in Sardinia destroyed 20,000 hectares of land, displaced over 1,000 people and killed around 30 million bees. The calamity resulted in incalculable damage to thousands of livelihoods, as well as to nature, including damaging water quality in the ocean. Extreme E continues to help restore the historic olive groves lost to the wildfires.

Wildfires such as these across the world are responsible for 20% of total global CO2 emissions and cost $5bn to fight. Together, Extreme E and Vodafone Business have begun a fire prevention campaign within the area of Montiferru.

As part of this project, Vodafone Business is deploying long-life Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) sensors to quickly detect any fire and promptly send an alert to the authorities – an innovation that supports Vodafone Business’ sustainability efforts, including agriculture, forestation and decarbonisation of energy grids.

The low-cost IoT gas sensors operate without the need for cellular coverage and will be installed in trees to detect the smouldering phase, before the fire takes hold, which will preserve forest footprint by shortening reaction times in the ‘golden hour’. Using a Mesh Gateway to connect to a cloud-based alert centre means this is a much faster-acting solution to the problem of wildfire detection than using cameras or satellites.

Newly appointed Championship Driver Fraser McConnell was on hand to test the technology out for himself.


XE T1582


Fraser McConnell, Extreme E Championship Driver, said: “Before I arrived, I did not realise just how much more there is to Extreme E outside of the racing. There is a lot of focus on building awareness of issues that people may not know about, or those that do know but are not sure how to help. I found it cool to finally be a part of it.

“I really enjoyed the Legacy Day with Vodafone Business. Everyone involved was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. It was so new for me – I was constantly asking questions and they probably got sick of me doing so!

“Everyone had a wealth of knowledge – especially Peter [Professor Wadhams, Extreme E’s Scientific Committee] and Vodafone Business regarding implementing their technology. It felt like everything was really coming together to make something applicable to helping.”

Meanwhile, other teams from the Extreme E grid took to immersing themselves in the surrounding waters of the Mediterranean. Snorkelling in Laguna di Norato area, they were able to learn first-hand all about Posidonia oceanica, seagrass, and how Extreme E is helping to analyse and replenish seagrass beds in Sardinia.


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Seagrass is thought to be one of the most rapidly declining ecosystems in the world, and Extreme E’s goal is to plant one million new plants of Posidonia oceanica by 2030.

Studies from the last ten years have shown that despite only occupying 0.04 per cent of the ocean floor, seagrass stores 10 per cent of the oceans carbon and can capture 30 per cent more from the atmosphere than its tropical rainforest equivalent. The drivers were able to see how it is being restored and conserved by local organisation, Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation (MEDSEA), with the support of Extreme E.

Professor Lucy Woodall, Extreme E’s ocean expert and member of the championship’s Scientific Committee, said:“In Sardinia the main shallow-water ecosystem is seagrass and, in general, seagrass is thought to be one of the most rapidly declining ecosystems in the world. 

“These immense meadows of seagrass are valuable nurseries for young fish as well as valuable for blue carbon, where we would describe them as ‘ocean carbon storage habitats’. Consequently, preserving seagrass ecosystems is a vital step in combating the climate crisis. It was great to see so many of the Extreme E grid, as well as partners of the series, get involved to understand the importance of seagrass as well as snorkel down to the seagrass meadows to see how vibrant they are.”

Girls on Track

Alongside environmental issues, Extreme E’s visit to Sardinia continued to highlight the importance of equality in motorsport. Before the highly anticipated double-header, Extreme E invited local schoolgirls on-site introducing them to life behind the scenes of the ground-breaking championship.

The girls were given the thrilling opportunity to sit inside the cockpit of the colossal ODYSSEY 21 and witnessed the women in action in the Extreme E paddock. Several of the series’ female drivers, including Veloce Racing’s Christine GZ and XITE ENERGY Racing’s Tamara Molinaro, introduced the girls to the life of a racing driver.


1019245797-LAT-20220707-XP2202 084541SB1 4488


To finish off an already unforgettable day, the awestruck girls were also given a front row seat to view the ODYSSEY 21s in action, piloted by some of the best female drivers in the world.

Christine GZ, Veloce Racing, said: “It’s been great to see the girls on track and it’s great for them to see how things work on the inside. Most of them were already racing, others not yet, and some were saying maybe one day we can too, to which I said if you work hard, you’ll get there.

“I told them that I started off as a mechanic which they found quite cool, and it was cool for me to get to talk to them in this way.

“The best part is the fact that they can see that there are female drivers in every team. The gender equality in this championship is great and to see that at this level it can happen with all the amazing drivers that are here was really encouraging for them.”

Tipping Point

A week of double the action saw more Tipping Point talks than ever before at Extreme E’s latest X Prix. These thought-provoking talks are now a firm fixture in the schedule, and in Sardinia covered topics ranging from the importance of technology and innovation in the fight against climate change to the positive impacts of blue and green carbon.


1019246687-LAT-20220707-XP2202 140630SB1 4861


The talks opened with a dedicated focus on technology and innovation. Here, media and guests heard from Vodafone Business, EY and Enel X, all of whom play essential roles in Extreme E’s sustainability efforts.

Another talk, hosted by Professor Peter Wadhams of the Extreme E Scientific Committee, saw fellow committee member Professor Lucy Woodall and MEDSEA’s Alessio Satta discuss the importance of green carbon and possible solutions in the fight against wildfires.

Discussion points from another Tipping Point talk focussed on blue carbon, as Professor Lucy Woodall and Alessio Satta were joined by Francesca Frau from MEDSEA to elaborate on the leading role that oceans play in the delicate balance of our world’s climate.

Professor Peter Wadhams concluded: “From a racing perspective the double-header in Sardinia was definitely a flagship event for Extreme E, but I found that off-track the series was able to raise awareness of so many environmental issues which are currently impacting the climate crisis.

“There is still so much more to be done to highlight the significance of blue and green carbon and the current issues regarding them. Nevertheless, it was great to see ideas and solutions discussed by so many as we become more in tune with the significance of what’s happening to our planet.”


To learn more about Extreme E, visit - www.Extreme-E.com

 MAVTV Motorsports Network -- the only television network in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to motorsports – announced it is bringing exciting qualifying to the MAVTV Motorsports Network with Pro Motocross - Fast Lap Qualifying beginning with this week’s race at Washougal, Washington. This exclusive coverage was previously only available online, but is now also being aired live on the MAVTV Motorsports Network as well as MAVTV on FloRacing. The show, hosted by Jason Weigandt alongside several all-star commentators, brings viewers qualifying results, gate selection commentary and pre-race storylines as riders prepare for main events.

Pro Motocross - Fast Lap Qualifying schedule on MAVTV Motorsports Network

  • July 23 – Washougal National – 1 p.m. ET
  • August 13 – Unadilla National – 10 a.m. ET
  • August 20 – Budds Creek National – 10 a.m. ET
  • August 27 – Ironman National – 10 a.m. ET
  • September 3 – Fox Raceway National - 1 p.m. ET 

"We were at Redbud a few weeks back and saw how passionate the Pro Motocross fans are. At MAVTV, we love that and wanted to give fans a chance to see more from the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship on network television,” said Bob Dillner, Senior Director, Programming & Development MAVTV. "Fast Lap Qualifying will continue to be streamed through our MAVTV on FloRacing partnership, but it will also be shown live on MAVTV to allow fans to see how things are shaping up for the motos later in the day." 

By Jeff Olson
IMSA Wire Service
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Dane Cameron has worked with Team Penske for years, so his engineers don’t need to hear much from him to know if his car is functioning properly.
“They know how to read me,” Cameron said. “They know when I'm happy or unhappy.”
What they read last week through his smile was encouraging. Two rival manufacturers – Porsche and Cadillac – met at Sebring International Raceway for testing of the cars that will debut next year as the Grand Touring Prototype (GTP) class in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.
Cameron, who tested the new Porsche 963 with fellow Porsche factory drivers André Lotterer, Felipe Nasr and Laurens Vanthoor, communicated an upbeat review. It’s been a complicated yet affirmative next step, he said about the first test of the car in North America, and uniquely important.
“It's been pretty big so far,” Cameron said. “We have a ton of staff on hand and a ton of engineers supporting this program. Once everything is good and buttoned up, it'll be more seamless, but the early running has been pretty intense, for sure.”
Similar responses were found at the other side of the Sebring paddock, where Earl Bamber, Sebastien Bourdais, Renger van der Zande and Alex Lynn tested the Cadillac LMDh prototype. Bamber gained a truer appreciation for the future of the class when he saw both prototypes up close – the first time that two GTP manufacturers shared the same track for a test.
“I think they look phenomenal,” Bamber said. “They've got fantastically different styling cues. You can definitely tell the difference between our Cadillac and the Porsche. You can definitely notice them on track. You have the different sounds as well.
“So, it's not just where they all look the same. They're definitely very, very different, and that's what we need for this category as well. And I think it's going to be fascinating.”
Cadillac and Porsche will join Acura and BMW when the WeatherTech Championship’s new top-level prototype class debuts in January in the Rolex 24 At Daytona, with Lamborghini set to join in 2024. The manufacturers are testing on their own now, with series-mandated testing for everyone scheduled following the 2022 season.
The significance of the GTP debut isn’t lost on anyone – especially the drivers.
“It’s going to be a golden era for motorsports in general with all the brands that are going to join,” Vanthoor said. “We haven't seen it in more than 20 years. I hope it's going to last long and makes it even better to be a part of it. Those who will win the big races in the championships, they will have won something really special.”
One of the more intriguing aspects of the Sebring test was the cooperation between the two participants. The LMDh cars being developed for the GTP class marry each manufacturer’s engine and bodywork styling to a shared hybrid platform. Engineers from Cadillac and Porsche exchanged data from the hybrid system, helping both manufacturers come to grips with its intricate personality. 
“Two cars running is always better than one,” said Jonathan Diuguid, managing director of Porsche Penske Motorsport. “The manufacturers really bought into this shared hybrid platform, and it's not developed just for our cars.
“It’s developed for Cadillac and all these other manufacturers that are joining the program. To see one of our manufacturer partners and competitors on the track at the same time is really exciting for everybody involved. We really welcome it. To be honest, we've been waiting for it for a long time.”
Waiting, in part, because the knowledge gained from racing translates to a brand’s production vehicles. The future of the automobile is electric, and the knowledge gained from racing in the new GTP class will go back into what the manufacturers sell in the showroom. 
“It's giving us a chance to move toward the future for automation, which is what we're doing in our own company,” said Laura Wontrop Klauser, General Motors’ sports car program manager. “We're transitioning to our electric future at General Motors. Any time you can use racing to help develop your production components, that's great.
“Even though this is a hybrid system and not fully EV (electric vehicle), we're still using an electric motor and we have a very intricate controlled system, which is all good learning that will go back to production.”
The initial feedback is quietly optimistic. A mountain remains to be climbed, but early steps through the foothills are promising. Just ask Cameron’s engineers.
“They know me, they trust me, they know what my feedback is and if I'm happy or unhappy,” Cameron said. “That's just helping us make some strides even quicker.”

Among stiff category competition, Eli Tomac came up big at last night’s 2022 ESPY Awards Show by winning his first-ever ESPY Award in the Best Athlete, Men’s Action Sports category. Hosted by ESPN, the ESPYs are the annual awards ceremony that recognizes the best athletes in the world and the past year’s major sporting achievements.


“I just want to say thank you for voting for me in the ESPY Best Athlete, Men’s Action Sports category…we won it,” said Eli Tomac. “Thank you to all the Supercross fans around the world. We had an incredible 2022 season. None of this would be possible without the support of my family, my team, the crew, and everyone involved. As you know in motorsports, it’s hard enough just to make it to the starting line, so to clinch the championship this year was so special for everyone involved. I feel like this year was a great comeback year for myself as a rider, and as an athlete, and I’m enjoying it more than ever.”


The Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing athlete had an amazing Supercross season - winning seven of the 17 rounds with his new team. Tomac also landed on the podium four additional times while claiming his second Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. Tomac’s seven race victories in 2022 bring his career total to 44, landing him in a tie for fourth with Chad Reed on the all-time Supercross wins list.


The Best Athlete, Men’s Action Sports category included three Olympic Gold Medalists - American freestyle skier and 2022 Olympic Gold Medalist, Alexander Hall, Japanese skateboarder and 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist, Yuto Horigome, and Japanese snowboarder and 2022 Olympic Gold Medalist, Ayumu Hirano. Winning in this very competitive field further illustrates the depth and breadth of Tomac’s athletic accomplishments over his pro career. 



Tomac’s remarkable year continues this summer as he also recently took over the points lead in the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. After seven rounds, Tomac leads over Team Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton in the 450 Class by a mere five points. Tomac can also list winning the Pro Motocross Championship three times (consecutively in 2017, 2018 and 2019) to his long list of career accomplishments. 


This year marked the 30th iteration of the ESPY Awards which were hosted last night by ESPY Award winner for Best NBA Player - Stephen Curry and broadcast live on ABC from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. Sports fans voted across 35 different categories for their favorite athletes, plays and sports moments from this past year.  


Monster Energy AMA Supercross athletes are no stranger to the Men’s Action Sports category as the sport has long been recognized as the “original action sport.” Two-time Supercross Champion Cooper Webb was nominated last year following his second Supercross title (2021) and four-time Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey won the honor twice in consecutive years in 2015 and 2016.


Following the kickoff of its inaugural global series at the UK’s legendary Lydden Hill, Nitro Rallycross has announced on sale details for its Minnesota stop, the first U.S. round on its 2022/23 calendar. The disruptive new force in motorsports created by Travis Pastrana (USA) will return to ERX Motor Park outside Minneapolis on October 1-2 alongside the popular Powersports XPO and Minnesota 4Fest, offering fans a full weekend of four-wheel excitement. Combining the intense racing of rallycross with the big air thrills of Nitro Circus, Nitro RX: Minnesota featuring PowerSports XPO & 4Fest is truly where cars will fly and tracks will thrill.  


Pastrana will aim to take the checkered flag behind the wheel of the most powerful vehicle in rallycross: the revolutionary all-electric FC1-X, Capable of producing the electric equivalent of 1,070 peak horsepower (800 kW), the FC1-X can accelerate from 0-60 in just 1.4 seconds, launching faster off the line than an F1 car.


To top the podium, Pastrana will have to face off against a lineup packed with the world’s best drivers, including Robin Larsson (SWE) and Andreas Bakkerud (NOR) of RX Cartel, who finished #1 and #2 respectively in Nitro RX’s first round. Legendary F1 world champion Jenson Button (GBR) in his first race on U.S. soil, will also vie for the trophy as well as his XITE Energy Racing teammate Oliver Bennett (GBR), plus Oliver Eriksson (SWE) of OMSE, Fraser McConnell (JAM) of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing and moreThey will all battle on Nitro RX’s tough tracks, which push competitors’ limits with huge gap jumps, banked turns and steep berms.



After his first day of racing in the FC1-X Pastrana said, “Yeah, I got in the car and our team said, ‘Okay, do this,’ and you have all these buttons, it’s like a space shuttle launch! Then I hit the gas and was immediately pinned to the back of the seat. It was awesome! These cars just have so much acceleration - everyone has more power than they know what to do with. It’s been a lot of fun and we all believe that we can win. It’s absolutely anyone’s ballgame.”


Tickets go on sale tomorrow - Friday, July 22nd – and will be available at nitrorallycross.com. Both general admission tickets ($40 two-day weekend) as well as VIP all-inclusive access through the Club Nitro RX passes ($200 two-day weekend) will be available. Single-day tickets may be made available at a later date. More information on Club Nitro RX’s premium amenities is detailed below.


Nitro RX: Minnesota will come after a swing of European races, which began with the June series launch at the U.K.’s legendary Lydden Hill Race Circuit. This will be followed by a Sweden round next weekend. Additional stops include races in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Saudi Arabia, Quebec and Alberta, all building to the first global Nitro RX series title.


Nitro RX Minnesota will also see the first race of the side-by-side (SxS) class, with a number of big names to feature in the high energy UTV racing that saw the likes of Robbie MaddisonBrian DeeganHailie DeeganCleetus McFarland and Nitro Circus’ own Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams and Hubert Rowland compete last season. More details regarding Nitro RX’s wide range of support classes will also be revealed soon.


The next generation of stars will also be on display with the NRX NEXT class set to light up the ERX track, with the best up-and-coming talent from the United States and Europe set to do battle for the first time on American soil this season.




With an open paddock area, racing fans can get an up-close look at Nitro RX and check out their favorite cars and drivers. Fans can stop by the all-new Nitro RX Fan Experience, which will feature a new entertainment stage, gaming area, concession area featuring local food trucks plus - for young racing enthusiasts - a kids’ electric rallycross experience. 



Fans can enjoy special VIP amenities with the all-new Club Nitro RX. Highlighted by a private trackside viewing location and exclusive Club Nitro RX area, passholders will enjoy all-inclusive food and beverage, a private lounge, on-site entertainment and a chance to meet Nitro RX drivers. This new premium experience puts fans in the center of the action all weekend long.


Nitro RX: Minnesota will also be part of annual enthusiast events Minnesota 4Fest and Powersports XPO, for even more four-wheel fun. Fans will be able to participate in offroad skill seminars, check out equipment demos, enjoy an expanded vendor village and more. For more details go to 4festevents.com and PowerXPO.com.


For fans outside of Minnesota, NBCU’s Peacock will stream live coverage in the United States, while MCS Extreme will provide exclusive live coverage in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Outside of these territories, YouTube will stream live Nitro RX coverage worldwide.

As the auto industry faces challenging disruptions, NAPA – the pioneer of the automotive aftermarket – is transforming to meet the needs of the drivers of the future with an entirely new brand campaign. It comes at a time when NAPA proudly claims America’s largest network of parts and care with nearly 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores and over 17,000 AutoCare Centers. 


Premiering this week during its 2022 NAPA EXPO in Las Vegas, the new Get Up & Go campaign embraces the nostalgia of car culture while showcasing drivers’ unique passions on and off the road. This strategic shift signals how NAPA is placing priority on the future of its business and to best serve evolving consumer demand.




The Variable developed the new brand strategy, fully integrated platform and brand campaign, which seeks to unite passionate car lovers and show that the destination is truly just the start. The campaign focuses on two key targets: DIYers who are passionate about every aspect of car ownership, including the fixes, the parts and the tinkering, and those who love their cars and car culture, but prefer to leave the “fixing” to professionals.  


“Get Up & Go” launches a series of spots directed by famed commercial and film talent Alessandro Pacciani, known for his award winning work on Acura, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and more. The campaign was produced by LA-based production company JOJX. Original music for the spots were written and produced by up-and-coming Nashville artist/composer Blake Mohler


Ads will be running on broadcast, connected TV, digital video, paid social, radio and in print.  


As F1 heads to Circuit Paul Ricard this weekend, motorsport legend Emerson Fittipaldi gave his views to VegasInsider. Here's what he had to say:


  • Checo Perez is getting more self-confident - he will give Max a hard time and this can cause some friction at Red Bull

"I'm sure both Max Verstappen and Checo Perez will be strong contenders and I go even further. In my opinion, Checo Perez, he is growing, he's getting more self-confidence. he's getting stronger and stronger on every Grand Prix. If his mindset this weekend is fixed to win, he has the talent, he has the speed to win."

"I think he's going to give a hard time to Max from now on. I have this feeling because he's extremely self-confident now. He knows he has the talent, the speed and he's not anymore a shadow to Max. He's reality. He's there. He's a contender, he's strong."

"This is my belief and this is my opinion that Checo Perez will be running strong. Very strong and I think this is going to create some friction because of his performance. Not that Max is slowing down. Max is an extremely talented driver. He's the world champion. He's leading the championship. But Checo is there. He's there and he's strong."

  • Red Bull have become a better team because of Checo Perez becoming stronger

"What makes Red Bull so good is because they never expected Checo Perez to come to this level."

"Now that Checo is there and it is a very strong team because two drivers are running very strong. Before, they have Max and a second driver. Now Checo is there and I think he makes it a very strong team."

 In my opinion, Helmut Marko never expected Sergio to come to this high level of driving and performance. I think it could be very interesting, from now to the end of the year, the competition inside the Red Bull team."

"And for sure, Adrian Newey's genius ability of designing a car, to use the maximum performance of the new rules this year. Honda has tremendous power now. It is a combination of circumstances that make Red Bull very, very strong."


  • At Paul Ricard, I expect Ferrari to be quicker than Red Bull

"Paul Ricard circuit is a very special surface. Very special type of asphalt and you have some off-canvas corners. Difficult to get the right apex. It looks a simple track but it's not so simple."

"But in my opinion if you look at this year's average, Ferrari has been the fastest car, on average, on every different circuit. Paul Ricard is quite a different circuit. My opinion, Ferrari is going to be faster than Red Bull."

"For Ferrari to be stronger, they have to be reliable. They need to finish the race. But when they finish, they're strong."


Thanks again to VegasInsider for their insight. You can find the entire interview here.


The battle for the driver’s championship has been fierce in the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda (F4 U.S.). The series has seen five different winners in the first nine events and will enter the second half of the season when they arrive at New Jersey Motorsport Park next weekend. 

With a scholarship on the line to compete in the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda 2023 season, only 25 points separate the top four drivers, and less than one weekend’s point value separates the top seven drivers. The key to success in the F4 U.S. championship will be consistency, as each driver has failed to score points in at least one race this season. Who takes home the trophy—and a scholarship—will be determined by who best minimizes the effect of misfortune. 

Winning the season-opener at NOLA Motorsport Park, Lochie Hughes instantly took the championship point lead, and the Gold Coast, Australia native has not looked back. Hughes drove the No. 6 Jay Howard Driver Development / CSU One Cure / Lucas Oil / Pelican Ligier JS F4 to his second win of the season at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course last month, after also recording runner-up finishes at NOLA and Road America earlier this year. 

Left to Right: Bryson Morris, Noah Ping and Ryan Shehan on the podium at Mid-Ohio.

Just seven points behind Hughes sits Bryson Morris. The 17-year-old has accumulated five total podium finishes—including wins at NOLA and Mid-Ohio—while driving the No. 39 Ligier JS F4 for Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport. 

Noah Ping sits third in the point standings, followed by his Velocity Racing Development teammate, Matt Christensen, in fourth. Each with two wins and two second-place finishes, Ping leads his teammate in podium finishes with a third-place result from NOLA. Only six points separate Ping from second-place Morris, and Christensen sits only 13 points behind Ping. All-in-all, both drivers are within 25 points—or one race—of the points lead. 

Doran-Kroll Competition’s Alex Berg currently sits fifth in the point standings, just 55 points out of the lead. The 15-year-old has a best finish of third this season, recording it in three consecutive races across the NOLA and Road America weekends. Berg also secured his first F4 U.S. pole while racing the No. 08 Doran-Kroll Competition Ligier JS F4 in Mid-Ohio last month. 

Left to Right: Lochie Hughes, Matt Christensen and Alex Berg.

Just three points behind Berg is Ryan Shehan. Shehan is still looking for his first win this season, but has used his Hankook Tires to record a runner-up finish and two third-place results in his No. 66 Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport Ligier JS F4. 

After securing a win at NOLA and a third-place result at Road America, Nicholas Rivers is still ranked seventh in the standings, despite missing Mid-Ohio due to lack of sponsorship.  

Drivers and crew from Velocity Racing Development celebrate after a team sweep at Road America.

With three teams represented by the top three drivers, the battle for the team points championship is also fierce. With five wins and 11 podiums, Velocity Racing Development (VRD) currently leads the charge. The organization has entered three different drivers in F4 U.S. competition this season, and all three have made it to victory lane. Additionally, the team achieved a podium sweep with their three drivers at Road America. 

With six drivers in their stable, Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport is putting up a good fight. The team currently sits just 51 points behind VRD with two wins and seven podiums. 

Another powerhouse team, Jay Howard Driver Development, sits third in the team championship standings, amassing two wins and four podiums with their seven drivers.

A full rundown of the Driver Championship Point Standings is available here, while a full list of the Team Championship Points Standings is available here.

F4 U.S. returns to the track for rounds 10, 11 and 12 at New Jersey Motorsports Park, July 29-31. The series will join the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda and Sportscar Vintage Racing Association for an action-packed weekend at the New Jersey SpeedTour. Spectator gates will be open Friday through Sunday, with tickets available at the gate or online at NJMP.com/SpeedTour

As the summer temperatures heat up, so too does the competition within the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda (FR Americas) points battle. When the series arrives at New Jersey Motorsport Park next weekend, it will officially enter the second half of the 2022 season with both bragging rights and important scholarship opportunities on the line. While teams find stock in staking their claim as the championship-winning organization, the championship-winning driver will get much more than just bragging rights. In fact, the 2022 FR Americas Champion will earn a 2023 Super Formula Scholarship from Honda Performance Development and Honda Motor Co. Motorsports Division.

So far, Raoul Hyman (No. 27 Bethesda Holdings Limited / Solomon Capital Enterprises / Oaklands / Kinross Ligier JS F3) has emerged as the early front-runner in the FR Americas championship battle. The Englishman has amassed 201 points with six wins and nine podium finishes in the nine races to date. 

However, Dylan Tavella is proof that consistency is key while battling for a championship. Currently ranked second and just 58 points behind Hyman, the driver of the No. 14 Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport Ligier JS F3 has not finished worse than fifth in 2022. His first win of the season came in round 3 at NOLA, and he has earned points in each of the nine rounds to date. With 25 points available to the winner of every race, Tavella could be back in the championship battle in a big way if the dominoes fall in his favor.

Just behind Tavella is Jason Alder, driver of the No. 77 Drive for Diabetes Awareness / HAKUN Ligier JS F3 for TJ Speed Motorsports. Alder became one of only four drivers securing wins this season when he raced his Hankook Tires across the finish line to capture the checkered flag at Road America in May. Currently sitting third in the point standings, Alder is just 25 points behind second-place Tavella.

Mac Clark has been another example of consistency in his No. 25 Future Star Racing Ligier JS F3. After winning the season opener at NOLA Motorsports Park, Clark has earned points in every subsequent race, and is currently ranked fourth in the standings. 

Rounding out the top five in the point standings is another TJ Speed Motorsports driver, Nick Persing (No. 29 OPI Commercial Builders Ligier JS F3). Persing has three podium finishes to date, including two during the series’ most recent showing at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course last month.

With three teams representing the top-five drivers in the championship point standings, TJ Speed Motorsports currently holds the lead in the Team Points Championship battle. The organization has amassed seven wins and 16 podiums in the first nine rounds of the 2022 season, and achieved podium sweeps with their three drivers at both Road America and Mid-Ohio. 

With four drivers representing the Crosslink Kiwi Motorsport team, their organization is currently ranked second in the team standings with Tavella’s win at NOLA and eight podium finishes.

Playing the role of “David” in David vs. Goliath is Future Star Racing. With just one driver in their stable, the team currently ranks third in the Team Point Championship standings with one win and three podiums.

A full rundown of the Driver Championship Point Standings is available here, while a full list of the Team Championship Points Standings is available here.

FR Americas returns to the track for rounds 10, 11 and 12 at New Jersey Motorsports Park, July 29-31. The series will join the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda and Sportscar Vintage Racing Association for an action-packed weekend at the New Jersey SpeedTour. Spectator gates will be open Friday through Sunday, with tickets available at the gate or online at NJMP.com/SpeedTour


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