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CHRIS BUESCHER, No. 17 Fastenal Ford Mustang -- WHAT HAS YOUR WEEK BEEN LIKE? “It has been busy, for all the right reasons. It was good. We got to do a big RFK celebration on Monday and it has been neat. I have been around a lot of the employees at Roush for a really long time now, probably a little over 10 years some of them have been at RFK for a really long time and remember when I was working in the shop there. It was pretty cool to see everybody pumped up and get that excitement going and get some of that momentum in our favor. I think we have been heading in the right direction but the win is big. That was really cool. I have had some sponsors over at the shop and they are pumped up right now as well. On Thursday I was right back to mowing the grass just like every other week. So it has it’s highs and its normals.”


WE SAW BRAD (KESELOWSKI) POST ABOUT HOW THE FIRST THING HE DID WHEN HE SIGNED HIS CONTRACT WAS MAKE SURE YOU HAD A RIDE. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL? “That was big when I heard about it way back when. It was neat because that was early on in that year to really be working on contract stuff. To get that tidied up and set really before I had heard the news about what all was going down even, I know some people said it was not a well-kept secret but it was well kept to me. I didn’t have a whole lot of clue of what was going on. It was really neat to have that knowledge and know that he had that confidence that we would be able to get to victory lane together. And since he has come over he has been trying to get us turned and headed in the right direction and I think there has been some good momentum over a few years now but we have been looking for those last few steps. I think we thought we would fire off this season a little bit better but there was no quit in anybody and it just took us a little bit to get traction under our feet. We got going good over the summer and feel like we are in a good place where there are more of these, potentially, this year for us between both cars. I think that was awesome to have two cars that led so many laps at Bristol. That is my favorite race track and it is pretty high up on Brad’s list as well. It helps going to those places you like. It makes it easier to run better. It was a good feeling and feels like we are headed in the right direction and it feels like it was warranted or backed up at this point now.”


HOW DOES IT FEEL TO FINALLY GET THAT BOX CHECKED AND GET THAT BEHIND YOU GUYS? “Yeah, that first one is the tough one, right? It has been a really long time since that Pocono win. I know you all threw some numbers at me that hurt my feelings last week but it has been a long time coming and it has been really cool because everybody at RFK has had some struggles through the years and I have been around through the heyday and through the very absolute highs and I have seen the lows along the way as well. To be turning that corner to get back to where we are competing for wins again and be able to pull off some wins is really special to myself and to everybody back at the company. Like I said, I have so many friends within the organization that I have known for almost my entire time I have been in North Carolina and that is something that means just a little bit more when you get to see those guys and girls that have really put in so much effort through that amount of time to be able to see some progress. Brad is a champion of our sport and has won I don't even know how many races. I think it is really special to get it started but we are not done. This isn’t our peak. We have a lot of potential going forward and are going to stay after it. We might as well come back to my home track and keep it going right here, right?”


IS THIS THE FIRST YEAR OF YOUR CONTRACT EXTENSION OR IS THAT NEXT YEAR? “I actually don't even know how to answer that. I honestly don't know which is kind of embarrassing, what the extension years look like. I signed back at RFK when Brad came over on the ownership side and am signed up to go again. I am looking forward to finishing out this year strong but also being locked in for next year and ready to hit the ground running.”





I GUESS MY QUESTION IS, WHY NOT LOOK AROUND? RFK WASN’T RUNNING GREAT, SO IF BRAD THINKS YOU ARE ONE OF THE TOP GUYS OUT THERE, WHY NOT LOOK AROUND? “I think there are two sides to it, but the way I see it I have so much appreciation for Roush, for Jack, for Robbie Reiser and for everybody at RFK and for Brad as well. That has really helped me fire off my professional career. I came from racing legends cars to sign up with Roush to go into a developmental program and run ARCA races up in the Chicago area. I feel a lot of loyalty to RFK and I have friends here that I have known over 10 years that have watched the absolute best days in racing and seen us go through the dip and be on the return side of that as well. It gives me a little extra pride to know we are working on bringing that upswing back and seeing that those rough years and the effort not declining is yielding results. To get that first win at RFK for myself, for the organization this year and to do it in the first year with the K added on to the end, I think it just gives me a little bit more excitement and pride that we are able to get it done here. I think we will get it done here. Like I said, this isn’t our peak. We are actively getting better and I think the potential is here to do better than any of the teams out there. The confidence level is really good and has been all summer long with a few stumbles along the way, but for the most part some awesome races at all kinds of different race tracks and maybe 1.5 mile tracks are not our best at the moment but even those have been competitive. We look at this one as another opportunity. The potential is here. The people are here. The resources are here. I think we can win races and we can compete for championships here.”


WHAT DOES IT SAY THAT THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY DIFFERENT WINNERS AND THAT THE FIRST THREE RACES OF THE PLAYOFFS HAVE BEEN WON BY NON-PLAYOFF DRIVERS? “It is a pretty wild first round of playoffs and you are a huge fan if you are not in the playoffs right now of how it went. I know there are a lot of playoff drivers that didn’t see that going that way. I think it shows that there was a really high potential for race winners to not make the playoffs this year and it didn’t quite happen in the timeline before the cut. Could you imagine if we got down to it and we had two drivers that had won races that were kicked out of competing for the championship? They would be thinking they had a breakout year and don't even get to try. We were close to that. It wouldn’t have taken but two or three different races along the way and just a small different moment along the way. A little luck here and there. We had moments where I thought we definitely could have added our name into that playoff potential box. It is cool to see that many different winners across so many different teams. It is really neat to see it across a bunch of two-car teams. It isn’t just the four-car operations and I think that really goes to show the potential with this car is there for everybody and it has been a big deal for everybody in the garage. It has been a large learning curve and without the majority of the testing that we typically would have and with basically zero practice .. I know it is still here but it is hard to get this right off the truck and we had teams that hit it early on the west coast swing and racked up wins early. We had teams that came on during the summer and we have two or three of us that hit it after that cut. So it is cool to see. There was the potential for a heck of a storyline going into the playoffs with people missing. We just needed a few more races to get that accomplished.”


WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON WHY YOUR 17 CAR HAS BEEN BETTER ALL SEASON THAN THE 6 CAR? “I would like to think that I have had some help along the way. I definitely have gotten things out of Brad that have contributed to our success at tracks like Phoenix or Richmond that are not historically my best. He has been helping;ing me a lot this year. I don't know how much he knows it but there have been some pretty key moments from that side of things. As far as coming in, I think about my first year at Front Row and I think about my first year at JTG, my first year even on the Xfinity side with Seth Barbour on top of the box and then our first year with Graves on top of the box. That first year between a driver and crew chief has never been instant success for me. I don't know if that is what it is but I do realize how hard it is to find that chemistry and understanding. Then you tack on the fact that our testing is almost gone and our practices are so short and you really don't have the opportunity to change anything on the car when you are looking for a feel out of it. We have those small boxes that we can go to, but even then if you don't have that understanding ahead of time it is hard to get there on a Saturday practice day. I have been a part of the struggles for many years. It feels like we were bouncing around for a while and it is tough to get it right that first year. Then you stack on the fact that it is to a new organization on top of that and that is even harder. It is a new organization for Brad and for Matt (McCall) and trying to get used to different methods, different cars, different manufacturers it all adds up pretty quickly to make it harder to get there. I think Bristol was a good show that we can get there and I won’t say it was easier but being that Scott and I had been at RFK for several years beforehand it made it flow into it easier to where we were able to find our way a little quicker. I don't have any doubt that they will get there. There have been several weeks prior to Bristol. It is just hard and it is supposed to be at this level. This is the top level of motorsports in the country and getting everything to really flow off the truck is a big deal and takes a lot of effort. They are getting there. Don't sleep on anybody yet. We are still making progress, it just took us deeper into the season than we had hoped.


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“I think we probably all look at Texas (Motor Speedway) as a good opportunity to hopefully get a win, get locked-in and not have to worry about the next two races. Texas, I feel like it’s a very strategy-driven type of race track. It’s really difficult to pass, so you’ll see some different varying pit strategies going on, whether it be staying out, fuel only, two tires, four tires. So just trying to have a good enough car to play that the right way and keep your track position. Having good pit stops and good restarts I think is important. It seems like all of that has been more important this year with just how difficult it’s been to pass.


Hopefully our car is good. I felt good in the All-Star Race. Just blew a right-front tire pretty early on, so I didn’t really get a fair judge of how we were then to how we’ll be now. It’s much warmer conditions this week too, so I think that will change things a little bit. But yeah, hopefully it goes well.”



“It’s a cool event that they put on our there. There were a lot of cars. The race track is really nice, too. They did a great job with it; the grandstands, the dirt, the banking, the shape of the track is all good. There’s like 140 micros racing just in the main division. There’s a lot of great talent out there.. young talent. Guys that have also been racing micros their whole lives too. A lot of experience out there. It’s cool to see Kyle Busch run out there. He’s doing a really good job of it. I feel like he’s got a little bit of tinkeritus and works on his car too much. I told him just focus on driving instead of working on it, but he’s doing a good job. I think he missed the lock-in spot by one, so he should be on the pole of the B-main I would think tonight.


I had fun last night racing myself and we should have a good shot of winning tonight.”



“I don’t know. I’ve always known his talent and abilities. I’ve been surprised that it’s taken him as long as it has to be consistently in the top three to five because, like I said, I’ve raced with him longer than anybody else has in the field and I know the potential that he’s had. It’s neat to see him run up front; another dirt guy contending for a championship. It’ll be fun going to battle with, not only him, but everybody. I always enjoy seeing dirt guys win, especially from my neck of the woods in dirt racing.”



“I would like to see them change it from a 1.5-mile track to something shorter. I don’t know if that means bringing the backstretch in or whatever. If I could build a track, it would probably be a three-quarter mile Bristol, basically; pavement, progressive banking, all of that. But I don’t know if that’s even possible here.


I’m not sure what they have in mind, but anything would be better than what they did.”



“I don’t think that there’s a championship favorite. Chase (Elliott) getting through the first round, it wasn’t a great first round for his standards, his team’s and what they had for points going in. So I feel like for him, making it through the round and resetting; as long as he can get through this round, I think he’s probably still the favorite. I think (Christopher) Bell has shown so far in the playoffs that he’s really strong. But I don’t think you can pick a favorite until you get through this round because whoever the favorite is right now could easily not make it into the next round just because how wild this round is. I think three weeks from now, you’ll be able to pick a better favorite. But right now, there’s so many unknowns, as far as craziness that’s going to happen.”



“I don’t think so.. just because there’s so many stage points on the line, so I just don’t foresee that. Yes, there might be a couple that do that, but I feel like you typically don’t see that anyways.


I don’t know, we’ll see. I don’t think so. I think there’s so many stage points on the line and if you can get those stage points, then even if you do wreck, you’ll have a decent points day out of it. I foresee everybody racing pretty hard.”



“I don’t know.. I mean I’d rather see them win than somebody else win, honestly. If I can’t win, I’d rather see a non-playoff driver win. So I don’t know, I haven’t really looked at it and thought about it much. But I know for us and our team, we didn’t get hardly any stage points at all in the first round, so I feel like that needs to change. We have to do a better job throughout the first two stages to get some points to benefit us through each race and help us transfer into the next round. Stage points are super important and we’re going to try hard to do a better job in the first two stages to get some points.”



“I haven’t yet. He called me yesterday while I was getting ready to race over there, so I’ve got to call him back. Thank you for reminding me (laughs).


But yes, I want to. He wanted me to take a picture with him and sign the picture that we had taken together at the Chili Bowl a long time ago. So, yes thank you for the reminder. Definitely going to hit him up here.”



“I don’t remember what year it was.. I had to be pretty young. I’m sure my mom set it up. I think they were all sitting around Keith Kunz’s trailer. Like she always is, she probably set the photo up. I’m glad that she did. When he called me, I didn’t have his number at first. This was a few weeks ago. He left me a voicemail and the first thing I did was I copied the voicemail and sent it to my dad and Jon Edwards. It was super cool that Johnny Rutherford had gotten my number and wanted my autograph. So, that was pretty neat and I look forward to meeting up with him here this weekend and getting another photo op.”



The opening night of the Pat and Jim Pettit Memorial Shootout at Ocean Speedway saw a young winner earn one of their career-best performances, with Bakersfield’s Troy Morris III holding off future Hall of Famer Bobby Hogge IV of Salinas for the 33-lap IMCA Modified win. Frazier Park’s Cale Kanke and three-time track champion Rob Gallaher of San Jose also earned wins during the Friday night portion of the 12th annual event. 114 cars were in action across the IMCA Modified, Sport Modified, and Hobby Stock divisions.

Morris drove around the outside of 2020 and 2021 Ocean champion Cody Burke of Salinas at the start of the feature for the lead. Tim Balding of Prunedale stopped in turn four for a caution on lap four. Morris encountered significant lapped traffic on lap 14 with three-wide action in front of him. It boiled over into turn one with cars bouncing all over the track. Les Friend of Galt was hit hard by Prunedale’s Matthew Hagio, sending Hagio airborne into turn one. Both drivers were eliminated from the event. JC Elrod of San Martin also had contact and later dropped out from the race on lap 21.

Hogge broke free from the pack to drive from his fifth starting position into second. He attempted a crossover pass on Morris on multiple occasions in a tight battle. Morris never surrendered, earning the significant victory. Hogge settled for second followed by Burke. Former track champion Brian Cass of Livermore was the Hard Charger with a drive from 15th to fourth, followed by Hollister’s Andy Obertello in fifth. Friend won the Hard Luck award.

A late surge from Cale Kanke of Frazier Park earned him the 23-lap IMCA Sport Modified win after a marathon race with red flags and caution flags. Markus Frazier of Santa Maria led the opening lap before a caution for debris. Twain Harte’s Brent Curran went outside of him to lead lap three. Troy Morris, Jr. of Bakersfield spun in turn three and nearly collected Kanke, requiring an additional yellow.

The wildest moment of the night came on the restart when a three-wide collision on the front stretch swallowed up Yreka’s Ethan Killingsworth. He flipped wildly side over side in a tangle with Andrew Peckham of Grass Valley and suffered hard hits from Kenny Shrader of Pacheco and KC Keller of Tracy. Killingsworth was uninjured.

A four-car fender bender brought out a caution on the next attempt at a restart. Kanke challenged Mark Garner of Antioch for second, taking the position on the outside on lap 13. Coalinga’s Ryan Smith slowed on the top of turn two for a yellow on lap 17.

Kanke challenged Curran for the lead several times over the final six laps. Kanke drove around Curran on the outside to lead lap 21 and Andrew Pearce of Oakley followed him into second. Kanke, the 2021 Pettit Shootout winner, scored the win over Pearce, Curran, Brentwood’s Fred Ryland, and Bakersfield’s Tyler Blankenship. Blankenship’s drive from 15th also earned him the Hard Charger. Killingsworth was the Hard Luck driver of the race.

Three-time Ocean Speedway Hobby Stock champion Rob Gallaher returned to the speedway and to victory lane after a 23-lap feature. DJ Keldsen of Newman led the way from the pole position. Second-starting Taylor DeCarlo and third-starting Bobby Motts were each part of cautions in the early stages. John Tevis of Los Banos stopped in turn one for a caution on lap six. Gallaher seized the opportunity to drive outside of Keldsen for the lead on lap eight.

Kodie Dean of Chowchilla hit the backstretch wall while running in the top-five on lap eight, while a multi-car spin occurred simultaneously in turn one.

Gallaher drove to a 2.883 second victory over Keldsen, Ryan Hart of Dos Palos, Mark Cooper of Scotts Valley, and Clarence Holbrook of Galt. 2022 champion Joe Gallaher advanced from 18th to sixth for the Hard Charger. Dean was awarded the Hard Luck award.

Ocean Speedway hosts the second night of the 12th Pat and Jim Pettit Memorial Shootout on Saturday night including a 53-lap IMCA Modified feature. Grandstand gates open at 3:30pm with IMCA Modified qualifying to follow. Tickets are available at the gate. The event will also serve as kids night with kids under 12 admitted for free. Numerous games and activities will be offered to the young fans!


12th Annual Pettit Shootout – September 23, 2022

IMCA Modifieds (33 Laps)

  1. 07X-Troy Morris III[2]; 2. 2-Bobby Hogge IV[5]; 3. 20-Cody Burke[1]; 4. 55-Brian Cass[15]; 5. 29-Andy Obertello[9]; 6. 17-Nick DeCarlo[10]; 7. 49-Troy Foulger[11]; 8. 29C-Aaron Crowell[7]; 9. 4X-Anthony Slaney[16]; 10. 6-Jim Pettit II[6]; 11. 77D-Cole Dick[8]; 12. 28K-Chester Kniss[17]; 13. 50-Michael Paul Jr[13]; 14. 66-Kevin Pendergrass[20]; 15. 22G-Paul Guglielmoni[12]; 16. 7-Chris Crompe[21]; 17. 84X-JC Elrod[14]; 18. 1-Shawn Natenstedt[4]; 19. 168-Bo Crebs[3]; 20. 92-Les Friend[19]; 21. 14H-Matthew Hagio[22]; 22. 1B-Tim Balding[18]

IMCA Sport Modifieds (23 Laps)

  1. 33-Cale Kanke[7]; 2. 15P-Andrew Pearce[9]; 3. 132-Brent Curran[3]; 4. 7J-Fred Ryland[10]; 5. 17B-Tyler Blankenship[15]; 6. 76-Mark Garner[6]; 7. 38A-Todd Gomez[17]; 8. 42B-Jeremy Hoff[5]; 9. 127-Jacob Mallet Jr[16]; 10. 15F-Markus Frazier[1]; 11. 69-Nathan Rolfe[14]; 12. 07X-Troy Morris[4]; 13. 59-Randy Miller[19]; 14. 22-Adriane Frost[2]; 15. 4M-Emali VanHoff[22]; 16. 30H-Orion Messina[20]; 17. 30S-Ryan Smith[11]; 18. 22T-Tanner Thomas[13]; 19. 188-Kenny Shrader[21]; 20. 7M-Ethan Killingsworth[8]; 21. 75-Andrew Peckham[12]; 22. 38-KC Keller[18]

Hobby Stocks (23 Laps)

  1. X-Rob Gallaher[5]; 2. 01-DJ Keldsen[1]; 3. 38-Ryan Hart[7]; 4. 29-Mark Cooper[8]; 5. 2H-Clarence Holbrook[4]; 6. 1-Joe Gallaher[18]; 7. 69-Garrett Corn[15]; 8. 83M-Chad Ragsdale[11]; 9. 311B-Breck Smith[9]; 10. 31W-Steve Remde[21]; 11. 17T-Taylor DeCarlo[2]; 12. 78-Jason Robles[12]; 13. 22-Collin Lude[22]; 14. 73B-Brady Muller[17]; 15. 13-Bobby Motts[3]; 16. (3)-Dakota Keldsen[16]; 17. 7-Kodie Dean[6]; 18. 57W-Sam Kennedy[10]; 19. 196-Joe Willoughby[20]; 20. 56-Kevin Lesch[14]; 21. 55F-Shane Freeman[19]; 22. 183-John Tevis[13]

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Myatt Snider – No. 31 Tree Top Chevrolet Camaro SS Preview- 
Texas Motor Speedway

News and Notes: 

- Practice; After an afternoon of technical inspection on Friday, Snider and the Jordan Anderson Racing (JAR) Bommarito Autosport No. 31 Tree Top Chevrolet will first make its way onto the 1.5-mile Texas Motor Speedway at 9:55 AM CT (10:35 AM ET) on Saturday morning for a brief 20-minute practice session. Coverage of practice will air LIVE on the USA Network and the NBC Sports App apart of 7+ hours of NASCAR coverage.

– Starting Position; Immediately after the 20-minute practice session teams will move into NXS qualifying to determine the starting order for Saturday afternoon’s Andy’s Frozen Custard 300. In 2022, intermediate-track qualifying would consist of a single round of single car qualifying for one lap. Snider is scheduled to be the 19th car on track to make his qualification run. LIVE coverage of qualifying will air on USA Network and the NBC Sports App.

– Texas Motor Speedway StatsSaturday’s NXS Andy’s Frozen Custard 300 will mark Snider’s sixth NXS start at Texas Motor Speedway. In July of 2020, Snider would make his NXS debut at Texas Motor Speedway earning himself a 34th place finish after being involved in a crash and failing to finish. In the fall of 2020, Snider would encounter much of the same as the spring race being involved in an accident late in the race and would be recorded in the 29th position. Moving to a new team for the 2021 season the June event would see Snider once again be involved in an accident and be recorded in the 33rd position. However, during the fall event Snider would be able to avoid getting involved in an accident to come home with a 21stplace finish. Moving to a new team in 2022, Snider would hold lots of speed in the Spring race running in the Top-10 at the conclusion of Stage-1 after qualifying in 26th position. The day would take a turn for the worse however after contact with the No. 21 would cause damage to the track-bar. Snider would hold on to finish in the 22nd position at the conclusion of the SRS Distribution 250. In five visits to the Texas Motor Speedway, Snider holds an average finish of 27.8. 

Featured Partners

- Tree Top; Tree Top is a grower-owned cooperative owned by nearly 900 apple and pear growers. The Cooperative was founded in 1960 in the heart of Washington’s apple country to create a sustainable market of products using “ugly” fruit not attractive enough to sell in the fresh market. Tree Top led the way in premium, quality juices and apple sauce and with its fruit expertise and trusted sources of fruit now produces the widest array of fruit-based products and solutions for consumers and for most of the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. Tree Top operates seven production facilities near the fruit in Washington, Oregon and California to create healthful fruit products made from simple ingredients to the delight of consumers around the world.
For more information on the Tree Top, visit them online at, and follow their social channels on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

– Chassis; JAR Bommarito Autosport will bring Chassis No. 109 to Texas Motor Speedway for Snider to compete with in the Andy’s Frozen Custard 300. No. 109 last competed at Kansas Speedway just two weeks ago in the Kansas Lottery 300. Starting in the 21st position Snider would move forward to finish in the 16th position at the completion of Stage 1 before rains would move into the area and end the race early at the end of Stage 2 as Snider was running in the 19th spot in the running order. 

Prior to Kansas, No. 109 would compete at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) where Snider would start in the 17th position, and would finish in the 17th position. Before MIS, No. 109 was on track at Pocono Raceway in the Explore the Pocono Mountains 225 a race where Snider would qualify in the 28th spot and would hold his ground all day steadily working thru the field on the way to a 14th place finish. In No. 109’s second race for JAR Bommarito Autosport at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Snider would start in the 26th position enroute to a 18th place finish. Chassis No. 109 would make its JAR Bommarito Autosport debut at Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Alsco Uniforms 300. After qualifying in the 33rd position, Snider would advance through the field the entire race to come home with a strong 10th place finish. Chassis No. 109 holds an average finish of 14.75 in four events. 


Stafford Speedway hosted Weekly Racing action on Friday, September 23 with all 5 of its divisions in feature action.  Marcello Rufrano used a last lap pass on Troy Talman to claim his second SK Modified® win of the 2022 season, Tom Fearn notched his 5th Late Model win of the season, Tyler Chapman took down his third SK Light win of the season, Kevin Cormier scored the second win of his rookie Limited Late Model campaign, and Travis Hydar locked up his fifth Street Stock win of the season.  Hydar’s victory allowed him to clinch the Street Stock championship a week early while Adam Gray’s third place finish in the Late Model feature was good enough to clinch his fourth career Stafford Late Model championship.  Gray and Hydar will be honored next Friday night, September 30th as Stafford’s other track champions will be decided during NAPA Championship Night.

In the 40-lap SK Modified® feature, Michael Gervais, Jr. took the lead at the green but he only led the first lap as Troy Talman moved to the point on lap-2.  David Arute was third in line behind Talman and Gervais with Tyler Hines in fourth and Anthony Bello in fifth.  The caution flew with 5 laps complete for Anthony Flannery, who came to a stop in turn 3 after sparks flew from under his car with several other cars also involved.

Talman took the lead on the restart with Arute and Gervais wheel to wheel for second and Bello and Hines wheel to wheel for fourth.  Behind Talman, there was a total of five rows of cars all jockeying for position.  Arute got clear from Gervais on lap-9 to take over second but the caution flew with 9 laps complete as John Montesanto spun on the frontstretch.

On the restart, R.J. Marcotte got into the frontstretch wall to bring the caution flag right back out.  Talman took the lead on the next restart with Arute nearly taking the lead from Talman before slotting back into second.  Gervais was still third with Hines fourth and Marcello Rufrano up to fifth.  Dylan Kopec spun in the middle of turns 3+4 which collected the car of Teddy Hodgdon and brought the caution back out with 12 laps complete.

The restart saw Tyler Jones and Montesanto spun through the frontstretch grass to bring the yellow flag right back out.  Talman took the lead back under green with Arute right behind him in second.  Hines worked his way up to third with Bryan Narducci taking fourth and Rufrano fifth.  Gervais slid back to seventh as Cory DiMatteo took sixth. 

Narducci took third from Hines on lap-17 and Rufrano followed him by to take fourth and drop Hines from third back to fifth.  Jon Puleo spun on the backstretch to bring the caution back out with 18 laps complete.

Talman took the lead on the restart while Narducci got to the inside of Arute and took over second.  Rufrano followed Narducci by Arute on lap-20 to move into third and drop Arute back to fourth with Hines and DiMatteo wheel to wheel for fifth place. DiMatteo took the spot on lap-21 while Hines slid back to seventh place as Todd Owen moved into sixth.

Narducci was now applying heavy pressure to Talman’s back bumper with Rufrano right behind Narducci in a 3-car train for the lead.  Rufrano got around Narducci on lap-26 to move into second as Talman continued to lead.  Rufrano took the lead from Talman on lap-30 just before the caution flag came out for a spin by Rich Neri in turn 2.

Rufrano took the lead back under green with Talman, Narducci, DiMatteo, and Owen lined up behind him but the caution came back out with 32 laps complete for a multi-car incident on the frontstretch as Puleo spun and collected several others.

Talman streaked his way by Rufrano on the restart to take over the lead with Arute third, DiMatteo fourth, and Narducci fifth.  Narducci took fourth from DiMatteo on lap-36 while Rufrano was all over the back bumper of Talman looking for the lead.  Rufrano made a move to the inside of Talman as the leaders took the white flag.  Rufrano was able to complete the pass in turns 3+4 and he led Talman to the checkered flag to pick up his second win of the 2022 season.  Arute finished third with Narducci and Owen rounding out the top-5.

In the 30-lap Late Model feature, Michael Bennett took the lead at the drop of the green from polesitter Paul Varricchio, Jr. with John Blake third behind Varricchio, Darrell Keane fourth, and Wayne Coury, Jr. fifth.  Kevin Gambacorta spun in turn 2 to bring the caution flag out with 3 laps complete.

Bennett resumed his place at the front of the field on the restart while Coury worked his way into second with Tom Fearn following him up to third and Andrew Durand taking fourth.  Blake fell back to fifth in line and he continued to slide backwards as Tom Butler took fifth and Adam Gray sixth on lap-8 to drop Blake back to seventh in line.  Fearn was starting to apply heavy pressure to Coury for second but Coury was able to fend off his challenges as Bennett started to ever so slowly stretch out his lead.  Fearn was finally able to make the pass on Coury and take second place on lap-14.  Butler spun in turn 2 to bring the caution flag back out with 16 laps complete.

Bennett and Fearn were wheel to wheel for the lead on the restart and just as they came around to complete lap-16, Coury went 3-wide with the two leaders but the caution came out for Gambacorta, who spun coming out of turn 4.

Fearn took the lead on the restart with Coury streaking his way into second.  Gray took third with Bennett falling back into a side by side battle with Durand for fourth place.  Durand took fourth on lap-19 to drop Bennett back to fifth as Coury was applying heavy pressure to Fearn for the race lead. 

Bennett got back by Durand on lap-26 to move into fourth while Coury was still trying to find a way to get past Fearn for the race lead.  Fearn led Coury to the checkered flag to pick up his fifth win of the 2022 season.  Gray finished third, which was enough for him to clinch the 2022 Late Model championship, his fourth career Stafford championship.  Bennett finished fourth with Keane rounding out the top-5.

In the 20-lap SK Light feature, Amanda West took the lead at the green with Bob Charland quickly taking second place.  Ron Midford, Jr. settled into third with Tyler Alkas fourth and Meghan Fuller in fifth.  Jason Chapman took fifth from Fuller on lap-4 while Charland was looking for a way to get around West and take over the lead. 

At the halfway point of the race, West was still in command with Charland right behind her in second.  Jason Chapman and Midford were wheel to wheel for third with George Bessette, Jr. up to fifth.  West spun coming out of turn 4 on lap-11 to bring the caution out.  Bob Charland was sent to the rear of the field by Stafford officials for making contact with West.  This put Jason Chapman alongside Midford for the restart.

Jason Chapman took the lead on the restart with his brother Tyler Chapman moving up to second.  Chris Bagnall spun coming out of turn 2 but was able to continue and the race stayed green.  Midford was third followed by Tyler Barry and George Bessette, Jr. but the caution came back out with 12 laps complete for a spin by Brady Parolo in turn 2.

Tyler Chapman took the lead on the restart with Jason Chapman falling back to second.  Barry was third with Midford fourth and Bessette and Alkas wheel to wheel for fifth.  The caution came back out with 15 laps complete as Charlie McDougall spun coming out of turn 4 which collected the car of Hailey Desaulniers.

Tyler Chapman again took the lead on the restart with Barry coming up to second.  Jason Chapman was third in line followed by Midford and Bessette.  Bessette took fourth from Midford on lap-19 but it was all Tyler Chapman at the front as he comfortably beat Barry to the checkered flag to pick up his third win of the 2022 season.  Jason Chapman finished third with Bessette and Midford rounding out the top-5.

In the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature, Jay Clement and Ari Jencik led the field to the green flag but coming out of turn 2, the cars of Jencik and Matt Clement got together and spun, which collected the car of Damian Palardy and brought the caution flag out before the first lap could be completed.

Jay Clement took the lead on the restart with Kevin Cormier quickly working his way into second.  Alexandra Fearn was third in line with Matt Scappini in fourth and Jeremy Lavoie in fifth place.  Cormier took the lead from Clement on lap-2 and Fearn followed him by to take second and drop Clement back to third.  Lavoie got by Scappini to move into fourth and now he was looking to take third from Clement, which he did on lap-6.

At the halfway point of the race, Cormier was still in command followed by Fearn, Lavoie, Scappini, and Jay Clement.  Rich Hammann was sixth in line with Matt Clement, John Orsini, Dana Wray, and Trinity Provost rounding out the top-10. 

Cormier stretched out his lead and he led Fearn to the checkered flag to pick up his second win of his rookie 2022 season.  Lavoie finished third with Scappini and Hammann rounding out the top-5.

In the 20-lap Street Stock feature, Bill Cote and Marvin Minkler led the field to the green flag with Cote taking the early lead.  Tyler Trott quickly moved past Minkler to take second with Minkler falling back to third.  Behind Minkler, the action was nearly 3-wide with Jason Lafayette moving into fourth with Travis Hydar taking fifth and Bert Ouellette sixth.  A multi-car spin broke out in turn 1 to bring the caution out with 3 laps complete but all cars involved were able to continue on and rejoined the field at the rear.

Trott took the lead back under green with Hydar climbing his way into second.  Cindy Stirk spun on the backstretch but was able to continue and the race stayed green but the caution did come out with 4 laps complete for a spin in turn 2 by Bill Cote that collected the car of David Macha, Jr.

Hydar took the lead from Trott on the restart with Minkler and Ouellette going door to door for third and Lafayette and Johnny Walker going door to door for fifth.  Ouellette got the better of the duel with Minkler to take third on lap-6 and Lafayette won his duel with Walker to take fifth as Hydar continued to lead Trott.  Jason Finkbein spun coming out of turn 4 to bring the caution back out with 9 laps complete.

Hydar took the lead back under green with Ouellette taking second.  Ryan Waterman moved into third with Trott falling back to fourth with Adrien Paradis, III up to fifth.  Paradis worked his way to the inside of Trott on lap-11 but the caution flew for a spin on the frontstretch by John D’Elia.

Hydar took the lead on the restart with Ouellette right beind him in second.  Waterman was still third with Trott and Paradis still lined up behind him.  Brandon Warren was sixth followed by Walker, Pat Grady, Finkbein, and Sam Calvo.  Trott made a move to the inside of Waterman on lap-15 but he wasn’t able to complete the pass as Waterman maintained third.  Hydar led Ouellette to the checkered flag to pick up his fifth win of the 2022 season and in the process clinch the 2022 Street Stock championship.  Waterman was able to hold Trott off all the way to the checkered flag for third with Paradis rounding out the top-5.

For more information contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at (860) 684-2783, or visit us on the web at

Stafford Speedway PR

Cannon McIntosh appeared to be the dominant car on the night, but it was rookie Mitchel Moles who took the checkered flag in winning the USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Series’ BeFour The Crowns 25-lap feature at Eldora Speedway, Friday.

The victory is the second for Moles, who currently leads the USAC Rookie of the Year standings. The CB Industries Toyota driver previously won at Jefferson County Speedway in July. 

The night began with McIntosh moving to the lead from his starting spot on the outside of the front row. Behind him, Moles would quickly climb up from his sixth starting position and battle Bryant Wiedeman for second with Moles prevailing.

By lap 10, McIntosh had stretched out a 2.254 second lead over Moles, with Wiedeman in third and series point leader Buddy Kofoid climbing up to fourth.

McIntosh led through the midway point and appeared to be on the way to his 13th national midget feature win of the season when his race quickly came to an end after catching the turn one wall with his right rear and flipping over. He was able to quickly climb from the car but was done for the night.

On the restart, Moles would assume the point position and settled in comfortably upfront, pulling out to a 2.396-second lead before a caution would wave with just three laps remaining.

Moles quickly pulled away after taking the green flag, while Keith Kunz Motorsports teammates Wiedeman and Kofoid were in a fierce battle for second with Kofoid throwing a slider to take the position on lap 23. Wiedeman wasn’t done yet, though, as he would slide Kofoid back on the final lap for second, 1.107 seconds behind Moles. Kofoid would finish third, with Chris Windom in fourth and Alex Bright placing fifth. Moles’ victory came in his first-ever run at Eldora.

The USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Series is back in action at Eldora Speedway Saturday night for the 40th running of the Four Crown Nationals, which will pay $10,000 to win.


Mitchell Moles, CB Industries Toyota: “(On not having previously raced at the track) I had never seen any prior conditions, never saw it any other way. I just race the track with the dirt that’s there and try to make speed however you can. CB Industries gave me a great car tonight. I can’t thank them enough, along with Toyota, Pristine Auction, NOS Energy Drink, KC Drywall, and everyone who’s on board with this team. I really needed this one to get us going again. We got one done.”


Notes of Interest:


Full of Energy: Bucked Up Energy Drink and its sister products will continue their role as the primary partner of Graf’s No. 07 Ford Mustang this weekend.


Texas Motor Speedway is the 16th race of 2022 and 47th race overall in a multi-year, multi-race deal with the former ARCA Menards Series winner.


For the third time this year, the team will promote Bucked Up’s Rocket Pop flavor.


Rocket Pop is time travel. It takes you back to your childhood. Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July parades, fireworks, and best of all...Red, White and Blue popsicles under a shady tree.



Rocket Pop is America.


It's the flavor of freedom. Of religion. Of speech. Of thought. Of tastes. Don't let anyone tread on you. Drink what you want to drink. Love who you want to love.


Just do you. So go ahead. Pop open a cold Rocket Pop and enjoy the flavor of freedom.


About Bucked Up Energy: Bucked Up started in 2013 when twin brothers Ryan and Jeff Gardner started marketing a product called Deer Antler Spray. After selling thousands of bottles to GNCs nationwide, the company morphed into what is now Bucked Up, a full-fledged vitamins and supplements manufacturer.


The company has gone from its humble beginnings to becoming the No. 1 best-selling pre-workout brand that’s available in over 10,000 stores worldwide.


Plenty Of Other Bucked Up Products Available Too: Don’t forget that Bucked Up Energy now offers more than 10 quenching options, but several of their popular flavors include Rocket Pop, Gym ‘N’ Juice, Mango Tango and Pink Lemonade now include low-stim options.


Low-stim has the same innovative ingredients that make their OG formula so powerful for focus, mood, motivation and energy. Bucked Up made just one small change and they have been surprised by the resulting epicness.


Boasting a modest of 100mg of caffeine, Bucked Up Low-Stim delivers the same energy, focus, mood, motivation – while reducing the common side effects that come from too-much caffeine, jitters, sleeplessness and anxiety.


Thanks For Your Support: With more than 78 percent of the 2022 Xfinity Series season complete, Joe Graf Jr. and SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt would like to thank their associate marketing partners: AVOID, Bass Reaper Bait Company, CoverSeal, EAT SLEEP RACE Apparel, fgrACCEL, G-Coin, Gtechniq, HazHeart, Model Electronics and ShopRite for their continued support. 


Catch Him On The Dial: Before Joe Graf Jr. straps into his No. 07 Bucked Up Rocket Pop Energy Drink Ford Mustang on Saturday afternoon, the SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt driver will be featured on “The Frontstretch” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio Channel 90 with host Pat Patterson LIVE on Saturday morning, September 24, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. ET.


Graf will also spotlight Bucked Up in several commercial spots during the four-hour program from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


Honoring A Hero: Most of the drivers in the field for Saturday afternoon’s Andy’s Frozen Custard 300 at Texas Motor Speedway will sport the names of cancer heroes on the signature panels of their cars, including Xfinity driver Joe Graf Jr. and the SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt team.



Names were nominated by the cancer heroes’ family members or friends as part of the Martin Truex Jr. and The NASCAR Foundation Honor a Cancer Hero Auction presented by AdventHealth.


Over the last month, NASCAR fans had the opportunity to bid for a chance to honor their cancer heroes’ names on race cars in the NASCAR Cup Series (at Texas), the NASCAR Xfinity Series (at Texas), the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (at Kansas

Speedway – earlier this month).


Featured cancer heroes could be people who personally battled cancer, medical providers, nurses, caregivers or members of a cancer warrior’s support system.


Proceeds from the auction benefit the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation and The NASCAR Foundation, two non-profit organizations that are champions for the health and well-being of others.


Sherwood “Woody” McGibbon will ride with Graf’s No. 07 Bucked Up Rocket Pop Energy Drink Ford Mustang for the 27th Xfinity Series race of the season as the winning bid. McGibbon was nominated by son Jonathan McGibbon.


After surviving prostate and bladder cancer, the elder McGibbon is now currently fighting lung cancer taking chemotherapy and radiation almost daily.


His illness hasn’t slowed him down any. He’s been a volunteer firefighter for almost 60 years and is still answering calls today.


He also just received the Firefighter of the Year award in our small-town fire department. The younger McGibbon says he’s never met anyone else so strong and always positive despite everything he has been through.


Jonathan McGibbon chose Joe Graf Jr. for the Honoring a Hero journey as they are fans of his circling back to his early racing days in New Jersey and New York.


Congratulations Friend!: Joe Graf Jr. and the SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt team would like to congratulate investor and National Football League (NFL) player Antonio Williams for making the starting roster for his first season of play as a running back for the New York Giants.


This Monday, September 26, Williams and his team will square off against the Dallas Cowboys beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET.


Carolina Connection: Beginning this week and throughout the month of October, Joe Graf Jr. and SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt have partnered with Carolina Breast Friends to help spread breast cancer awareness during the month of October.


The vision of Carolina Breast Friends is to support, encourage, and empower those in our community who are affected by breast cancer.


The mission of Carolina Breast Friends is to embrace the breast cancer community in a positive environment. We provide resources and education through fellowship and mentoring during any stage of the journey.


From now until October 5, 2022 – you can donate a minimum of $25.00 and honor a breast cancer hero with their name on Graf’s racecar for the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series Drive for the Cure 250 race at the Charlotte (N.C.) Motor Speedway ROVAL on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022.


Please consider Donating Here.


Get Bucked Up at Homestead-Miami Speedway: With their traditional stop at Homestead-Miami (Fla.) Speedway later this year, Joe Graf Jr. and partner Bucked Up Energy Drink are giving a lucky fan and a guest an ALL-EXPENSES paid trip to Homestead-Miami Speedway in October, along with $1,000 in spending cash!


To enter, spend at least $10 at from now until Friday, September 30, 2022. Every $10 spent earns another entry.


Visit for additional information.


Joe Graf Jr. Xfinity Series Texas Motor Speedway Stats: Joe Graf Jr. will make his sixth career start at the track nestled in No Limits, Texas in Saturday afternoon’s race.


In his previous five starts, Graf has delivered a track-best of 21st which occurred in his track debut in the spring of 2020.


Earlier this year, he earned a lead-lap 23rd place finish aboard the No. 07 G-Coin Ford Mustang.


While carrying an average finish of 24.6, he has also completed 919 of the 939 available laps available for a 97.9 percent lap completion.


Joe Graf Jr. Xfinity Series Career Intermediate Nuggets: At tracks 1.0-mile or greater in size, Graf has competed in 44 NASCAR Xfinity Series races. He holds an average starting position of 26.0 and an average result of 26.1.


Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway | Food City 300 Race Recap: In his most recent NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway, Graf and the SSGLRwJL team showcased the No. 07 Bucked Up LFG Burn Ford Mustang for their lone trip to “Thunder Valley” this season.


Despite a hiccup in qualifying which landed the team at the rear of the field for the start of the race, Graf worked hard to maneuver through the field and competed inside the top-20 before handling woes challenged the team late in the race and left a respectable 23rd place finish at the checkered flag.


Sneaker Mania: Along with the adrenaline of the Motorsports competition, Joe Graf Jr. also has a vogue for hype sneakers. In his current collection, he owns and wears at least 90 limited edition sneakers – and his collection continues to grow every month.


The current estimated value of his collection tops $100,000.


From the Pit Box: Industry veteran Joe Williams is Joe Graf Jr.’s crew chief.


He will crew chief his 91st NASCAR Xfinity Series race as crew chief on Saturday afternoon and his sixth at the 1.5-mile oval in the Lone Star state.


In his previous 90 NASCAR Xfinity Series starts, he has collected one win (Auto Club Speedway | February 2022), seven top-five and 21 top-10 finishes.


Hello From The Other Side: Graf Jr. has a teammate at SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt. Veteran David Starr will drive the No. 08 TTop Manufacturing | Cantera Ford Mustang on Saturday afternoon for his 16th start of the 2022 season.


Starr is set to make his 250th career NASCAR Xfinity Series start and 26th at Texas. His best Xfinity track finish occurred in the 2020 My Bariatric Solutions 300, where he finished 13th after starting 23rd for SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt.


Follow on Social Media: For more on Joe Graf Jr. visit, like him on Facebook (Joe Graf Jr.), follow him on TikTok (@JoeGrafJr), Twitter (@JoeGrafJr) and Instagram (@joegrafjr).


For more on SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt, please like them on Facebook (SS GreenLight Racing) and follow them on Instagram (@ssgreenlightracing) and Twitter (@SSGLR0708). 

Joe Graf Jr. Pre-Race Quotes:

On Texas Motor Speedway: “I’m looking forward to going back to Texas Motor Speedway, especially because of the speed we have showcased lately with our No. 07 SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt Ford Mustangs.



“We had a solid effort in the spring but I think we have learned a ton about our racecars over the spring and the summer stretch that will make it even better for 200 laps on Saturday afternoon.


“Our No. 07 Bucked Up Rocket Pop Energy Drink looks hot and I hope our performance is just as hot this weekend.”



On Goals For Remainder of 2022: “There are less than two months of racing left and we certainly want to make the best of it for everyone that supports our SS GreenLight Racing with Jeff Lefcourt team.


“Without question, I think it cannot be denied that our team has showcased speed throughout the season but we haven’t been able to execute on getting the finishes we think we deserved for a variety of reasons.


“The bigger picture is that we have continued to grow as a team and we have several race tracks over the next seven weeks that allow us to have the opportunity to put our best foot



“From now until the end of the season at Phoenix, I am determined to nail the execution so we can carry some momentum into the off-season and to the 2023 season.” 

Race Information:


The Andy’s Frozen Custard 300 (200 laps | 300 miles) is the 27th of 33 NASCAR Xfinity Series races on the 2022 schedule. Practice begins on Saturday, September 24th from 9:35 a.m. – 10:05 a.m. Qualifying follows shortly after 10:05 a.m. The 38-car field will take the green flag later in the day shortly after 2:30 p.m. with live coverage on the USA Network, the Performance Racing Network (Radio) and SiriusXM NASCAR Channel 90. All times are local (CT).

SS Green Light Racing PR

Antioch Speedway at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds will host the open wheel action of the Western Midget Racing presented by Masters Design and Construction for the third time in 2022 on Saturday night. The championship night for the Wingless Sprint Cars and Mini Stocks is also on tap along with Hobby Stocks and Hard Tops / Vintage Valley Sportsman.

Pit gates open at 2pm while the spectator gates open at 4pm. Race fans can also check out the racing on www.AntiochSpeedway.TV

Oakley’s Bryant Bell is the highest point earner over the two WMR appearances this season at his home track. Bell finished fourth in April followed by a runner-up performance in June. Bell will be battling for his third-career series win in the No. 09 owned by Boscacci Racing and sponsored by Toyota Walnut Creek.

Points leader Blake Bower of Brentwood earned the June Antioch triumph, one of his 11 wins this year during his 2021 title defense in the No. 9 Orland Public Auto Auction entry. French Camp’s Sage Bordenave earned car owner Kevin Felkins a win in April as well.

A tight points battle has developed for second in the standings with Las Vegas’ Kyle Hawse, Peoria, Ariz.’ Cory Brown, and Bell separated by just six points. Hawse has a best finish of third this season at Antioch in the No. 20 Sunland Wood Products machine.

Lodi’s Nate Wait has four podium finishes this year in the No. 20w machine and will look for his first WMR win from fifth in the championship. Santa Cruz’ Logan Mitchell is arguably the most improved driver in the series with a victory on his mind driving into Antioch in the No. 96x, carrying new sponsorship from Pepper Supply Co. and Price Rite Restaurant Equipment.

Teams who travel from more than 240 miles to compete will be eligible for a part of the $400 in road warrior money offered at each round this season.

Western Midget Racing is presented by: Masters Design and Construction, Rockwell Security, Rams Racing, Hoosier Racing Tire, Extreme Mufflers, FTK, Blud Lubricants, and West Evans Motorsports.

Car construction details are available at or find the series on Facebook!



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