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Q. All this group has been through, and yet here they are still winning races and still a team. How about the Texas race fans who stayed here through this long night of racing, and Tyler Reddick brings it home to Victory Lane. With all the tire issues, how worried were you on the final run because you went so long on this set of Goodyears?

TYLER REDDICK: I was extremely worried, I'm not going to lie. Unfortunately, just about every time we've had fast cars, we've had some tire problems. Yeah, that last run the right sides were vibrating really, really hard there.

I was just trying to maximize and use the gap that I built over Joey just in case. I mean, every time we've had a strong car, we've been bit by something, man.

Just really proud to be able to get this Lenovo Chevy to Victory Lane. We were at Auto Club earlier this year, so fast with this car. They deserve to go to get to Victory Lane. We got them there.

Q. How did this team stay together through all the adversity this year?

TYLER REDDICK: Well, it was tough. I mean, two points. Every spot matters in this deal. We just had two tough races. We brought a really fast car at Darlington, we were leading at Kansas when we broke and fell out early. It's tough.

This will make that, the pain of not making it through, a little bit easier. Even though, yes, it would have locked us into the Round of 8. We're winning races. That's what we'll keep trying to do.

Q. How about the Texas race fans?

TYLER REDDICK: I mean, it was a hot one. Thank you, fans, who came out. I really appreciate it. This is a tough race, 500 miles here. Not an easy feat. I know it wasn't easy on you guys as well.

So great to be able to win here in a Cup car. Been close a few times. Let's go!


ROBBY BENTON, Rick Ware Racing -- Team Statement regarding Cody Ware accident


WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT CODY WARE? “He has been treated and released. We are thankful to the track crew here. We had a bit of a delay going through the normal protocol of x-rays and reviews and making sure there were no fractures. All of that came back clear. He will be on the team plane with us to return to Charlotte tonight and we are happy he is okay.”


NO BROKEN BONES? ANY NEED TO FOLLOW UP? “No broken bones. I feel like we will probably follow up just as a precaution. He will see a specialist with Ortho Carolina once we get home. For as hard of a hit as that was, we are thankful it is as clean as it is and he will be okay to go home tonight.”


WAS IT UPPER BODY OR LOWER BODY? “A little bit of discomfort in his ankle.”


NO CONCUSSION? “No concussion.”


CHASE ELLIOTT, NO. 9 NAPA AUTO PARTS CAMARO ZL1 – Sidelined by damage sustained in an accident on lap 184.


From your perspective, is there a design issue with these tires?

“I’m not sure that Goodyear is at fault. Goodyear always takes the black eye, but they’re put in a really tough position by NASCAR to build a tire that can survive these types of racetracks with this car. I wouldn’t blame Goodyear.”


Was it a tire that went down?  

“Yeah, something came apart. I could hear it flapping in the right rear fender well. I don’t know, but if it wasn’t down, it was certainly coming apart. One of the two.”


You guys have relied on points all year long. As it sits now, just plus six-points above the cutline. How do you now view Talladega and the ROVAL?

“It’s not a great position to be in for sure, but it is what it is now. I hate it for our No. 9 NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet team. We were actually decent here for once, so that was nice while it lasted. We’ll go to Talladega (Superspeedway) try to get a win and go on down the road.”



CHRISTOPHER BELL, No. 20 Rheem-Smurfit Kappa Toyota Camry TRD, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 34th

Can you tell us what happened on the race track?

“Yeah, just the second right rear blown of the day – that was disappointing. I’m in a pretty bad spot now.”

How do you approach the next couple of races?

“I don’t know. Talladega – I guess we are going to go roll the dice. ROVAL, I think we will be alright. Road courses haven’t been our strength, but we have been good at a couple of them. I don’t know if we are going to be able to get out of this points hole, but we will give it our best.”


Do you feel like you can make magic happen at the ROVAL if you need too?

“I don’t feel great about it. I probably feel better about having something go our way at Talladega.”


Could you tell that you were going to have tire issues?

“No, I had no idea. To have two right rears go in the first half of the race is very strange. I don’t know. It’s a very disappointing day. We are probably going to be in a deep hole now.”


How do you feel about going to Talladega and the ROVAL?
“It makes our decision easy on how to play Talladega. We were hoping to come out of here good and be able to ride around and just survive Talladega. We are going to have to race and get some stage points and be up front all day.”


Do you feel like it is a must win situation now?

“No, but Talladega is going to be really tough.”


What kind of feedback was the car giving you to let you know it was a tire?

“I would get a slight vibration seconds right before the tire went. When it happened on the straightaway, I was able to get it slowed down before turn one, but the second one happened right in the middle of the turn. Very disappointing weekend. I was optimistic when they dropped the green flag. I had a pretty poor Saturday, but felt like we had a lot of speed in our Rheem Camry to make a day out of it, but unfortunately, tires didn’t work our way.”


KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Interstate Batteries Toyota Camry TRD, Joe Gibbs Racing

Finishing Position: 36th

What happened?

“I was just getting closer to the 11 (Denny Hamlin) and I knew if I tracked him, followed him in the lower groove, I would lose ground, so I went to the high groove where I was making time in the spray and the sticky stuff, but it is not so sticky apparently. I crashed. I’m trying to go, trying to race. Banana peels out there for me. Too many conditions that you’ve got to be around or go around or figure out or be smarter about. I guess I wasn’t very smart.”

From your perspective, was that resin or just pushing the car too hard?

“I didn’t know as a race car driver you could push too hard, but certainly, it was a resin issue. I guess you would think being a hundred-and-something degree track temp it would be activated and ready to go, but I tried to get in it earlier than everybody else. I was behind the 11 (Denny Hamlin), catching the 11. If I tracked the 11 in the lower groove, I was going to lose time to him, so I just decided to go high and try to keep time or make time on him and it just snapped. Once these cars snap, they are gone. They are not like the old one where you have a little bit of time to react and catch it, but yeah, just trying hard trying to go and conditions are not ready. Banana peels out there it seems. When that stuff is not activated, it is just ice.”


In what can only be described as a legendary finish, Tyler Bare of Rockbridge Baths, VA, made a 3-wide pass with one lap to go to take the lead and the $50,000 victory. Bare got inside then leader Zack Dohm of Cross Lanes, WV, and a lapped car on lap 58 to take the lead heading to the white flag. The pass netted him his career-best finish, taking home the  $50,000 FASTRAK World Championship presented by Dealer Group USA win and being crowned World Champion.

Dohm got by Bare on lap 44 to take second and then take the lead from leader Henry Hornsby III on lap 47. Bare would follow Dohm into second. Bare would turn up the wick and chase down Dohm to battle for the lead. They battled in lapped traffic 3-wide on lap 53, with Dohm holding the top spot and then again on lap 58, Bare taking the top spot away for the win.

"The money, this $50,000, will help our racing a whole bunch, but that right there (pointing to the B8 on his car) means more than the money to me. To honor my granddaddy like that really means a lot," commented a tearful Tyler Bare in Virginia Is For Racing Lover's victory lane.

Benji Hicks and Henry Hornsby III led the field to green, with Hicks grabbing the lead. Hicks looked to be on kill as he pulled away with ease, but with the field racing three and four wide behind him. On lap 8, Kyle hardy spun in the middle of turns one and two, doing a complete 360 and continuing on, which kept the race green. On lap 16, Hicks ran into the back of a lapped car and spun in turn 4.

On the lap 16 restart, a spinning third-place Tyler Emory caused a big wreck in turn 2. On the restart, Hornsby pulled away by a couple of car lengths and went on to lead at halfway and win the Wayne Sawyer Sr. Memorial Victory Lap Halfway Leader Award collecting $1000 cash and a plaque.

After the 10-minute pit stop, Hornsby again grabbed the lead with Bare, Justin Williams, Zack Dohm, and Austin Hubbard in tow. On lap 37, Hubbard put a slide job on Williams in turn 4 to take third. On lap 45, Dohm got by Bare for second. Two laps later, he passed Hornsby on the outside for the lead.

On lap 48, Bare got by Hornsby for second and set out to catch Dohm. On lap 53, Dohm and Bare went three wide with a lapped car, with Dohm holding on to the lead. The two raced side by side until lap 58, when they went three wide, this time Bare coming out with the lead. Bare would hold off Dohm over the last lap to score the $50,000 victory.

Rounding out the top five were Dohm, Logan Roberson, Henry Hornsby III, and Austin Hubbard. Sixth through tenth were Russell Erwin, Walker Arthur, Michael Brown, Trevor Collins, and Jeremy Steele.

Mason Zeigler of Chalk Hill, PA, won the 25-lap non-qualifiers race and elected to forgo the $1500 prize and tag the rear of the $50,000 FASTRAK World Championship. Zeigler was the show the first half of the main feature, racing from his twenty-seventh starting spot and making it to ninth by the hallway break. Unfortunately, Zeigler would have to go to the rear due to having to change an additional tire at the start of the second 30 laps and never mounted another charge to the front.

In a drawing that included all 54 competitors, Ronnie Martin Jr. won a GM 604 engine, valued at $8200, that he could take home with him.

The next event for the speedway will be the 18th annual Run-A-Muck Mud Bog on Saturday, October 8. Details will be released this week on the huge mega truck event.

Bill Sawyer's Virginia Motor Speedway is a ½-mile dirt oval track located on U.S. Route 17, eight miles north of Saluda, VA, and 25 miles south of Tappahannock, VA in Jamaica, VA. The speedway is just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Southern Maryland, and the Hampton Roads area.

Race fans can go to to view the complete schedule Virginia Motor Speedway's 2022 season, find detailed event information, get the latest news, and get complete ticket and camping information. In addition, fans can get social with Virginia Motor Speedway by following @vamotorspeedway on Twitter, clicking "Like" at and on



Fastrak World Championship (60 Laps) | 1. B8-Tyler Bare[4]; 2. 17-Zack Dohm[15]; 3. 17R-Logan Roberson[5]; 4. 39-Henry Hornsby III[1]; 5. 49-Austin Hubbard[8]; 6. 22E-Russell Erwin[23]; 7. 87-Walker Arthur[14]; 8. 32B-Michael Brown[11]; 9. 72-Trevor Collins[13]; 10. 22-Jeremy Steele[20]; 11. 6-Clay Harris[22]; 12. 2W-Justin Williams[10]; 13. 15K-Dale Hollidge[9]; 14. 1-Mark Whitener[19]; 15. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[27]; 16. 17S-Jeff Smith[16]; 17. 08-Ray Love Jr[21]; 18. 7A-Corey Almond[24]; 19. 24T-Philip Thompson[7]; 20. 55-Benji Hicks[2]; 21. 96-Matthew Hildebrand[18]; 22. 8-Jeremy Pilkerton[25]; 23. 32-Brent Trimble[26]; 24. 99-Kyle Hardy[6]; 25. 72E-Tyler Emory[3]; 26. 6B-Dillon Brown[12]; 27. 5-David Whitener[17]

B Feature 1 (12 Laps) | 1. 1-Mark Whitener[1]; 2. 6-Clay Harris[2]; 3. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[3]; 4. 00T-Kendal Tucker[12]; 5. 36-Cody Dawson[4]; 6. 03-Garrett Paugh[6]; 7. 7J-Dalton Jacobs[10]; 8. 6Q-Jesse Quick[8]; 9. 7H-Curtis Hughes[7]; 10. 2*-Jared Powell[5]; 11. 40S-Scott Sweeney Jr[9]; 12. H2O-Luke Hyre[11]

B Feature 2 (12 Laps) | 1. 22-Jeremy Steele[1]; 2. 22E-Russell Erwin[2]; 3. 14C-Chuck Bowie[6]; 4. 21B-Billy Beachler[9]; 5. 143-Brian Ledbetter[10]; 6. 20B-Lane Brock[12]; 7. 23-Travis Justice[7]; 8. 10-Matt Ashworth[5]; 9. 00-Brandon Dockery[8]; 10. 32-Brent Trimble[4]

B Feature 3 (12 Laps) | 1. 08-Ray Love Jr[2]; 2. 7A-Corey Almond[1]; 3. 71-Davis Lipscombe[4]; 4. 38B-Billy Hubbard[6]; 5. 04-Jack Brown[8]; 6. 8-Jeremy Pilkerton[12]; 7. 20-Samuel Bryant[5]; 8. 92-Nick Davis[3]; 9. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[7]; 10. 28-Tyler Dettor[9]; 11. 29H-Vaughan Haywood[10]; 12. 51-Jerry Barker[11]

Non-Qualifiers Race (25 Laps) | 1. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[1]; 2. 21B-Billy Beachler[5]; 3. 92-Nick Davis[17]; 4. 14C-Chuck Bowie[2]; 5. 03-Garrett Paugh[10]; 6. 7J-Dalton Jacobs[12]; 7. 20-Samuel Bryant[14]; 8. 6Q-Jesse Quick[15]; 9. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[20]; 10. 00T-Kendal Tucker[4]; 11. 04-Jack Brown[9]; 12. 28-Tyler Dettor[25]; 13. 2*-Jared Powell[21]; 14. 7H-Curtis Hughes[18]; 15. 71-Davis Lipscombe[3]; 16. 36-Cody Dawson[7]; 17. 143-Brian Ledbetter[8]; 18. 10-Matt Ashworth[16]; 19. 29H-Vaughan Haywood[22]; 20. 23-Travis Justice[13]; 21. 20B-Lane Brock[11]



Heat 1 (10 Laps) | 1. 39-Henry Hornsby III[2]; 2. 24T-Philip Thompson[1]; 3. 72-Trevor Collins[4]; 4. 1-Mark Whitener[6]; 5. 9Z-Mason Zeigler[3]; 6. 2*-Jared Powell[5]; 7. 7H-Curtis Hughes[7]; 8. 40S-Scott Sweeney Jr[9]; 9. H2O-Luke Hyre[8]

Heat 2 (10 Laps) | 1. 72E-Tyler Emory[2]; 2. 15K-Dale Hollidge[4]; 3. 17-Zack Dohm[3]; 4. 22-Jeremy Steele[1]; 5. 38-Nick Love[6]; 6. 10-Matt Ashworth[9]; 7. 23-Travis Justice[7]; 8. 21B-Billy Beachler[8]; 9. 24-Jacob Brown[5]

Heat 3 (10 Laps) | 1. 17R-Logan Roberson[1]; 2. 32B-Michael Brown[2]; 3. 5-David Whitener[4]; 4. 7A-Corey Almond[9]; 5. 92-Nick Davis[3]; 6. 20-Samuel Bryant[6]; 7. 15JR-Ronnie Martin Jr[7]; 8. 28-Tyler Dettor[8]; 9. 51-Jerry Barker[5]

Heat 4 (10 Laps) | 1. 55-Benji Hicks[1]; 2. 49-Austin Hubbard[2]; 3. 87-Walker Arthur[5]; 4. 6-Clay Harris[4]; 5. 36-Cody Dawson[7]; 6. 03-Garrett Paugh[6]; 7. 6Q-Jesse Quick[8]; 8. 7J-Dalton Jacobs[3]; 9. 00T-Kendal Tucker[9]

Heat 5 (10 Laps) | 1. B8-Tyler Bare[1]; 2. 2W-Justin Williams[3]; 3. 17S-Jeff Smith[4]; 4. 22E-Russell Erwin[5]; 5. 32-Brent Trimble[2]; 6. 14C-Chuck Bowie[6]; 7. 00-Brandon Dockery[7]; 8. 143-Brian Ledbetter[8]; 9. 20B-Lane Brock[9]

Heat 6 (10 Laps) | 1. 99-Kyle Hardy[1]; 2. 6B-Dillon Brown[2]; 3. 96-Matthew Hildebrand[6]; 4. 08-Ray Love Jr[3]; 5. 71-Davis Lipscombe[8]; 6. 38B-Billy Hubbard[4]; 7. 04-Jack Brown[5]; 8. 29H-Vaughan Haywood[7]; 9. (DNF) 8-Jeremy Pilkerton[9]


Peyton Sellers has done just about all there is to do as a Late Model Stock Car driver.

He’s won track championships at South Boston Speedway and Dominion Raceway, Virginia state championships, three Virginia Late Model Triple Crowns, and two NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series national championships.

Despite all that success, there was also one accomplishment that eluded him for more than a decade.

He wanted to win a Grandfather Clock.

Sellers had come up short in 14 previous tries competing in the Valley Star Credit Union 300, but on Saturday night at Martinsville Speedway he finally did everything he needed to do to get the job done.

“This is something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid,” Sellers said in victory lane.

Sellers finished second in his heat race earlier in the day, and started Saturday night’s feature in seventh. Making sure to conserve tires and energy – and stay out of harm’s way – he bided his time, gradually making his way toward the front in the second half of the race.

Following a stage break with 25 laps to go, Sellers got ahead of Mike Looney – his biggest competition for the lead all night long – and pulled further and further ahead as the laps ticked down.

Leading by several car lengths, it looked as though the only thing that could stand in Sellers’s way of victory lane would be a caution. Unfortunately for him, he had to survive two in the final 10 laps.

On Lap 191, a spun car forces a caution and a bunching up of the cars. Sellers, opting for the bottom on the choose cone, got below JR Motorsports driver Carson Kvapil, and again pulled ahead.

He maintained the lead for three laps until another caution, this time for debris on the track in Turn 4.

On the final restart, what would be end up being a green-white-checkered overtime finish, Sellers again chose the bottom with Kvapil beside him, and again got to the inside and pulled away after the first turn. His pit crew quickly went from biting their nails to throwing their hands in the air to celebrate the victory.

“To know that I had the quality of drivers around me I felt comfortable, but it’s Martinsville,” Sellers said. “It’s $32,000 it’s a clock, it’s the prestige that goes behind it. You expect anything.

When they called me clear off Turn 2 on the last restart I said, whatever I do I’ve got to put together a good 3 and 4 right here to give myself a little bit of breathing room coming to the white.”

Even though his team was visibly nervous about having two late cautions, Sellers believed they actually played into his favor given his car’s short run speed.

He also was thankful for a new race format that split the 200 laps into three stages – 100 laps, 75 laps, and 25 laps.

“The last 25 lap restart, I had been a little critical of it because I just knew it was going to tear up a lot of cars,” he said. “But it played into our hands tonight. Short runs I fired off and Mike Looney was better than me on long runs, without a doubt. He’d just drive by me and set sail. But we had a short run car, and that’s what it took tonight.”

Sellers said he drove the final 100 laps so hard his legs were cramping for the final 25 laps.

“I ran the last 100 laps like I was qualifying,” he said. “When they told me I had a four car-length lead, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter what was behind me, I just rolled the mirror up and took off.

“It was sheer excitement. It was nothing else than that. Calves were cramping bad. Emotions were going. They gave me a checkered flag and I made another lap just because I couldn’t believe it.”

With the win, Sellers takes home $32,000, and added $7,000 with a win in the Virginia Triple Crown, giving to the driver with the highest average finish in three races at South Boston, Langley, and Martinsville Speedways. This was his fourth Virginia Triple Crown (2013, 2014, 2018, 2022).

Looney won Stages 1 and 2, taking home $1,000 for each stage win. He finished the race fourth.

Kvapil finished second, and Jacob Heafner finished third.

Kaden Honeycutt, driving for Bassett’s Nelson Motorsports, finished fifth. His Nelson teammate, Bobby McCarty, finished 13th. McCarty won qualifying on Friday night, and started the feature race up front after winning the first heat race earlier in the day.

Timothy Peters, from Danville, finished eighth. Landon Pembelton, last year’s VSCU300 winner, finished 27th.

Jared Fryer finished second in the triple crown race, and Mason Diaz finished third. Fryer  finished 11th on Saturday night, and Diaz finished 17th.

Sellers was announced this week as the second place finisher in the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series national championship race. Finally finding victory lane at Martinsville, after coming up short of a third national title and short in so many previous ValleyStar Credit Union 300, “takes the sting out of some of those losses,” he said.

Sellers said he plans to put his grandfather clock at Clarence’s Steakhouse, in Ridgeway. The restaurant has sponsored his racing for 20 years.

“Everybody is eating steaks tonight, that’s for sure,” he said.

“It belongs there and I’m going to give it to them… It just feels good to keep this thing in Ridgeway, to keep it at home.”

He would, however, like to try to get a second one for his house.

“I’ll probably put it right in front of the TV,” he said. “I’ll quit watching TV and just watch that thing tick all night.”?

The 2022 Macon Speedway season came to a close on Saturday night to cap off the 77th consecutive season of racing at the world's fastest 1/5-mile dirt track during the BRANDT Professional Agriculture Race for the Cup finale. For the final six racing divisions at the track, many knew who the likely champions would be at the start of the night as long as the top point drivers would arrive. The evening still featured many outstanding finishes and celebrations.

Colby Eller came into the final night an 18-point leader in the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Model class. After facing a night of ups and downs, Eller left the night with the track championship and a second place finish to the 20-lap feature race. Braden Johnson started the season with a feature win and he finished the season that way for his seventh feature of the year. Eller celebrated announcing he was racing this season in honor of his friend Curt Rhodes, who passed away earlier in the 2022 year. The race was sponsored by R&K Eller Construction, who offered additional payout for the field of cars.

Rodney Standerfer has hinted that 2022 might be the final racing season for him and he was poised to finish the year with a big smile. After starting the evening with the fast qualifying time and heat race win in the Modifieds, Standerfer got started on the pole and led early. His farewell finale would be spoiled by Rob Timmons, a former Pro Modified driver from Centralia, who was hooked up on the top of the track all race long and finished the night with the final checkered flag. Standerfer still got his moment to shine as he carried the big checkered flag around the track one final time as he clinched his third Modified points championship at Macon Speedway.

Guy Taylor clinched the Pro Modified championship weeks earlier due to the points lead of the second place driver. On the final night of the season, Taylor looked like he would score his 14th feature of the season but ran into a hard spin in the fourth turn coming to lap nine which set up a hit and a pass from second placer Maxx Emerson. Emerson was on the gas strong and steady for the remaining five laps and picked up his first feature win of his career. Racing was also competitive with Kevin Crowder and Matt Milner in the race for third place. Crowder, last week's feature winner, would emerge ahead of Milner.

In the Weddle Performance Engines Sportsman class, Dennis Vandermeersch was well in place to win another divisional title. His biggest obstacle was a lapped car spinning out ahead of him as well as Ethan Schnapp. While Schnapp led and Vandermeersch was second, a lapped car lost control and wiped out in front of them causing the top two drivers to collide and damage their cars. The damage was sufficient enough to take them both out of the race. That allowed third place driver Wes O'Dell to be the leader and he would finish off the race by winning his second feature of the season, first since April 23rd. Vandermeersch would still be crowned the champion of the Weddle Performance Engines Sportsman division despite not finishing the race.

Jim Ransom of Williamsport, Indiana, got himself locked in at Macon Speedway in the 51 Bistro Street Stocks. The race was strong with 17 drivers in the field for the 15-lap event. Andy Zahnd, Gene Reed and Rudy Zaragoza all contested for the lead but Ransom pulled away. With a caution flag setting up a green-white-checkered finish, Zaragoza came on fast and turned the final lap into a drag race to the finish. The champion of the division, Terry Reed, would finish with a top five end result.

The final division up for grabs was the 4-cylinder Hornet class where newcomer Tristin Quinlan was one race away from clinching his first title. A solid points lead over Billy Mason set up a 15-lap race that saw Quinlan slam the door on the championship and take hold his first championship after racing in both Street Stocks and Hornets in his young career.

The final races of the season featured the Mechanics Races for the Sportsman, Street Stocks and Pro Modified/Modified classes. Justin Curry in the Ronald Bacon 5S went ahead of Richard Lowe from the Jim Farley III 84L to claim the Sportsman race. Things looked good for mystery driver in the 67R Rudy Zaragoza during the Street Stock Mechanics race. However, as the last lap came to finish with him leading, the black flag started waving as former National Champion Jeff Leka would be disqualified for being a current driver. T5 Terry Reed, Sr. would be awarded the race in Gene Reed's Street Stock. Danny Page, a former Modified driver who has been retired for 15 years, came back to pass Tim Shomidie in Guy Taylor's 4T to win in the Pro Modified/Modified Mechanic Race. The final race of 2022 was a five-car Hornet Powder Puff race where Courtney Ring outran the four other ladies in the Allan Harris 3H to be the Queen of the Track.

The season has ended at Macon Speedway but plenty of racing action remains. Lincoln Speedway hosts the DIRTcar Fall Nationals with Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Modifieds, Pro Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hornets in a two-day show. Although Macon Speedway rests for now, April 2023 is on the eyes of many race fans in Central Illinois. Thanks to all the drivers, fans, sponsors and supporters for keeping dirt track racing going strong for 77 years at Macon Speedway with great feelings towards year 78 in 2023.


Feature Rundowns (Top 10’s)

Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models

  1. 14J-Braden Johnson[Taylorville, IL]; 2. 10C-Colby Eller[Taylorville, IL]; 3. 27-Colby Sheppard[Williamsville, IL]; 4. 10-Blake Damery[Macon, IL]; 5. 11-Ryan Miller[Lincoln, IL]; 6. 27E-Kyle Mixon[Alton, IL]; 7. 16C-Tristan Coleman[Lincoln, IL]; 8. 11E-Randy Eller[Taylorville, IL]; 9. (DNF) 64-Butch Hilderbrand[Cerro Gordo, IL]; 10. (DNF) T22-Curtis Eller[Taylorville, IL] Modifieds

  1. 5T-Rob Timmons[Centralia, IL]; 2. 28-Rodney Standerfer[Summerfield, IL]; 3. 9-Austin O'Dell[Rochester, IL]; 4. 35-Clark Robertson[Shelbyville, IL]; 5. 87C-Alan Crowder[Elwin, IL]; 6. 00S-Cody Stilwell[Godfrey, IL]; 7. 4T-Guy Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 8. 99-Tim Luttrell[Riverton, IL]; 9. 78-Maxx Emerson[Taylorville, IL]; 10. (DNF) 24M-Matt Milner[Chatham, IL]


DIRTcar Pro Mods

  1. 78-Maxx Emerson[Springfield, IL]; 2. 4T-Guy Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 3. 15C-Kevin Crowder[Argenta, IL]; 4. 24M-Matt Milner[Chatham, IL]; 5. 27X-Jonathan Hall[Decatur, IL]; 6. 32-Brett Page[Centralia, IL]; 7. 6-Billy Adams[Shelbyville, IL]; 8. 23-Ryan Timmons[Centralia, IL]; 9. 7S-Jeremy Sebens[White Heath, IL]; 10. (DNF) Z24-Taryn Page[Harristown, IL]


Weddle Performance Engines Sportsman

  1. 87-Wes O'Dell[Springfield, IL]; 2. 20-Tyler Roth[Fairbury, IL]; 3. 84L-Jim Farley III[Springfield, IL]; 4. 11R-Rick Roedel[Shelbyville, IL]; 5. 21C-Ed Cleeton[Tovey, IL]; 6. 5S-Ronald Bacon[Decatur, IL]; 7. 14-Cole Landers[Taylorville, IL]; 8. 21-Dustin Moore[Rochester, IL]; 9. (DNF) 7S-Ethan Schnapp[Springfield, IL]; 10. (DNF) 25-Dennis Vander Meersch[Springfield, IL]


51 Bistro Street Stocks

  1. R1-Jim Ransom[Williamsport, IN]; 2. 67-Rudy Zaragoza[Jacksonville, IL]; 3. 2Z-Andy Zahnd[White Heath, IL]; 4. 11-Terry Reed[Cerro Gordo, IL]; 5. 21E-Eric Boomer[Bethany, IL]; 6. T5-Gene Reed[Hammond, IL]; 7. 78B-Brad Peters[Stronington, IL]; 8. 80-Brian J Dasenbrock[Decatur, IL]; 9. 19-Brandon Yaden[Deland, IL]; 10. 45-Chandler Smith[Highland, IL]


DIRTcar Hornets

  1. 95Q-Tristin Quinlan[Decatur, IL]; 2. 357-Billy Mason[Brownstown, IL]; 3. 3H-Allan Harris[Chatham, IL]; 4. 33H-Mike Gossett[Decatur, IL]; 5. 37-Lukas Robison[Sullivan, IL]; 6. 24D-Chris Wright[Brownstown, IL]; 7. 41-Jaekob Durbin[Ramsey, IL]; 8. 20B-Bridget Fulton[Marissa, IL]; 9. 39M-Marty Sullivan[Decatur, IL]; 10. 04-Gage Rusher[Stonington, IL]

Macon Speedway PR

Race Winner: Noah Gragson of JR Motorsports (Chevrolet)

Stage 1 Winner: Daniel Hemric of Kaulig Racing (Chevrolet)

Stage 2 Winner: AJ Allmendinger of Kaulig Racing (Chevrolet)



Riley Herbst and the No. 98 Monster Energy team proved to be resilient in the Texas heat in Saturday’s Andy’s Frozen Custard 300 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, the opening playoff race of the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. The Las Vegas native started the 200-lap race 11th and struggled with a loose racecar in the initial laps. The No. 98 Monster Energy Ford Mustang then had to drop to the rear after a penalty during the day’s first pit stop, but Herbst made quick work in his drive back toward the front. By the end of Stage 2, he was sitting 12th, then restarted ninth for the final stage. Chaos ensued on multiple occasions during the last 100 laps, and Herbst used his savvy driving skills to maneuver his way around two accidents, sitting fourth on a lap-126 restart. He stayed in the top-five until his final scheduled green-flag pit stop on lap 169 and rejoined the field in 15th. The race went caution-free until the checkered flag and Herbst was able to work his way into the top-10 by lap 182. He worked his way forward from there to score his seventh top-five of the season and his second in a row.


Riley Herbst, driver of the No. 98 Monster Energy Ford Mustang for Stewart-Haas Racing: 

“Focus was a tough factor all weekend. I’m thinking of the VanderLey family and DJ. Get well buddy, we missed you tremendously. I think today comes down to what we’ve been preaching all year – consistency. We’ve got to clean everything up on pit road and with qualifying. Coming out of Texas with a top-five is good and we’ll go to battle again at Talladega.”



● Herbst earned his seventh top-five of the season and his first top-five in six career NASCAR Xfinity Series starts at Texas.

● This was Herbst’s second consecutive top-five. He finished fifth last Friday at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.

● Herbst’s fifth-place finish bettered his previous best at Texas – eighth, earned in May.

● This was Herbst’s second straight top-10 at Texas. He finished eighth at the track in May.

● Noah Gragson won the Andy’s Frozen Custard 300 to score his 12th career Xfinity Series victory, his seventh of the season, and his first at Texas. His margin over second-place Austin Hill was 1.238 seconds.

● There were nine caution periods for a total of 52 laps.

● Only eight of the 38 drivers in the race finished on the lead lap.


Next Up:          

The next event on the NASCAR Xfinity Series schedule is the Sparks 300 on Oct. 1 at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway. The race starts at 4 p.m. EDT with live coverage provided by USA and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.  




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