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Stay the Entire Weekend and Camp at the AdvoCare 500 at Atlanta

Tuesday, Apr 30 1902

For the upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AdvoCare 500 weekend, many race fans will flock to Atlanta Motor Speedway to fulfill their need for speed on the historic 1.54-mile speedway. But AMS wants its customers to take in more than just the race, and the perfect way to do that is with an array of camping options available for the Labor Day weekend date, Aug. 30-Sept. 1.

AMS knows that campers come with many different situations and needs, whether it is a RV requiring full hook-ups, pop-up units or classic tent camping, the near 900-acres of property at the speedway will offer a fit for each person.

A limited-number of infield camping spaces is currently available. Join fellow die-hard race fans in getting the full race weekend experience from inside the track. All practices, qualifying and race action can be viewed from your infield position, as well as socialize with your camping neighbors.

Outside campgrounds open on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 8:00 a.m. allowing campers to enjoy the entire race week and build-up to race weekend for an affordable price. Infield and trackside camping will open on Thursday, Aug. 29 at 2:00 p.m.

Below is a complete list of camping options at Atlanta Motor Speedway:

Campground             Type                Approx. Size              Hook-Ups       Cost

East Turn                    RV                   20x40’                         No                   $150

Elliott Reserved           RV                   25x45’                         No                   $150

Family                         RV                   25x40’                         No                   $150

Family Tent                 Tent/Pop-Up   20x30’                         N/A                  $100

First Turn                     RV                   20x40’                         No                   $150

First Turn                     RV                   25x42’                         No                   $175

Flock Bros. Infield       RV                   15x40’                         No                   $300

Handicapped**            RV                   20x40’                         No                   $150

High Speed Infield      Tent/Pop-Up   10x30’                         N/A                  $200

Legends                      RV                   25x45’                         No                   $150

Legends Premium      RV                   25x45’                         No                   $250

Legends Tent              Tent/Pop-Up   20x30’                         N/A                  $125

Speedway Blvd.          RV                   20x50’                         No                   $100

Terrace*                      Luxury RV       25x50’                         Yes                  $3,500

Terrace Back Row^    Luxury RV       25x50’                         Yes                  $2,500

Turn One*                   Luxury RV       20x50’                         Yes                  $3,995

*Trackside Terrace and Trackside Turn One Luxury RV campsites include 10 race tickets for each day, 10 pit passes for each day, and tow passes for extra vehicles (one in Turn One; two in Trackside Terrace).

^Trackside Terrace Back Row Luxury RV campsites include 10 race tickets for each day, 10 pit passes for each day, two tow passes for extra vehicles and a viewing veranda located above the track’s backstretch.

**Handicapped RVs must have handicap placard and owner of placard must be camping in the RV.



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