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Flames will be higher in 2014 as Garrett Marchant looks to make this his season, and with the help of new sponsor Grill Grip it is possible. Marchant begins his trek for the 2014 Limited Late Model Series Championship at the now NASCAR Home Track sanction track, East Carolina Motor Speedway tonight.

In 2013 Marchant had four top ten starts, finishes, and one top five finish across the Limited Late Model divisions he competed in. Coming off a solid previous season, Marchant is even hungrier to taste victory once again. The last time the No. 77 Chevy made it to victory lane was in 2010 when Garrett won at East Carolina Motor Speedway in the Pure Stock division.

Grill Grip, is a company founded by Patrick Radosevich, who after having his hand burnt in the hot Arizona sun wanted something that would protect his hand when grilling. After searching stores and the internet, Radosevich could not find anything that would solve his problem, so he developed Grill Grip. “I am looking forward to getting the Grill Grip recognized by establishing it as a successful brand and we believe we can do that with our partnership with Garrett Marchant Racing,” Radosevich said. All Grill Grips are customizable and are Made in the USA – there is even a Garrett Marchant Racing Grill Grip currently in the works!

“It's going to be a fun partnership! My team and I enjoy grilling out at the track as well as back home,” Marchant said about the new Grill Grip partnership. “Grilling is certainly in and with summer approaching I know all my fans and anyone in general could use a Garrett Marchant Racing Grill Grip!” When asked what his favorite item to grill is, Garrett said, “I personally have not (grilled), but I enjoy eating the food. Granddaddy, Tim Duggins, and Mike Jones are the official "grillers" for BMR Motorsports. I'll leave it in their hands!!”

For more information on Grill Grip or to purchase one today please visit

For more on Garrett Marchant Racing please visit, Facebook:, PR Twitter: @GMR77PR, Garrett's Personal Twitter: @GMarchant77, YouTube:, and on Instagram @GMarchant77.

Garrett would like to remind fans about his newest fan club package! The new Garrett Marchant Racing Fan Club will allow members to get some merchandise, exclusive GMR memorabilia, and a chance at social media fame! You can learn more by visiting

Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert, is the fan’s connection to the fastest driver every weekend during the NASCAR season and presenting a trophy is not all she does! Rachel’s weekend starts earlier than most, when she hits local markets to promote the Coors Light brand at restaurants, bars, and Walmarts.

From a young age Rachel Rupert has been a fan of sports, especially NASCAR, attending her first race at Bristol Motor Speedway.  Being from the Volunteer State of Tennessee, Rupert has her own opinion of the news about Bristol Motor Speedway hosting a battle between the Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hookies football teams in 2016.

“I am so glad you are asking me about this! I am a diehard Tennessee fan and we have been begging for this for years,” Rupert said. “When they finally announced [the game] I was so excited! I can’t believe it. It is great for both schools to come together, since they have a lot of diehard fans!” 

When asked if she was going to be at the game, Rachel said, “I will be there, I will have my Coors Light hat on and my Tennessee jersey on, can’t wait for it!” Rachel is not the only person to say that they will be there, and it is going to be interesting to see how the good folks at Bristol Motor Speedway pull off putting a football field inside the World’s Last Great Coliseum.

The role of Miss Coors Light is not about just “looking pretty,” it is about spreading the brand of NASCAR and Coors Light across the nation. “People say that all the time, all you have to do is stand there and take pictures, and it’s like no, it’s one part of the job,” Rachel said. “I am a face for Coors Light and a face for the sport. What comes with that is doing interviews. Anywhere you can get Coors Light, I am there.”

There are several steps to get the job position of Miss Coors Light, and it is just like any other job application process. “I was with an agency that was looking for someone that knew about the sport, and could go to the races, and said, hey I can do that, and interviewed for the position,” Rachel said.

“They narrowed it down to a couple of girls, and everyone asks me if it was like a pageant and it was a real job interview in Chicago. After the interview was done they said they wanted me to do it. I have been Miss Coors Light for three years now; it’s the best job in the world. I love it,” Mississippi native, Rachel Rupert said.

Being the one to interview the pole winner each week, Miss Coors Light talks to a lot of drivers, but we wanted to know who the best driver in the garage to interview was. The answer may not surprise you.

“Carl Edwards hands down, he is great at interviews, he can talk for days, or can get in whatever he needs to say but can joke around – he’s a great guy,” Rachel Rupert said. If you have every watched how Edwards does his interviews, he really can say just about anything but at the same time make some sponsor plugs.  There was one time he won and an interviewer asked him what he was going to do and Edwards said, “I am going to go home and relax and get a Subway sandwich.”

If you are at the track make sure to take part in Coors Light’s recycling program by visiting of their booths around the track and in the campgrounds.  With so much waste at the races, Coors Light is trying to help cut down the waste and make the environment a little better – and you get rewarded too!

“A lot of people consuming beer and we need something for those guys to come to us and say hey we got these that need to be recycled,” Miss Coors Light, Rachel said. “We have a tent we set up, and we have a couple girls that run it. I make appearances there throughout the weekend.

“It is so important to recycle, especially at the track. If  you come by we will give you a recycling bin that you can have at your tailgate and you bring it back and we take care of recycling it for you,” Rachel went on and said, “You could get a Coors Light flag, shirt, hat, or koozie.”

This weekend Rachel is already at the track and getting ready to hand out another Coors Light Pole award to today’s fastest qualifier at Martinsville Speedway. “Everyone should come out to Martinsville for qualifying because somewhere like Martinsville it is really important to start out front by getting the Coors Light Pole Award, and it is will help you have a better race,” Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert said.

You can stay up to speed and get inside behind the scenes access to all things Miss Coors Light by “liking” her Facebook page ->

CHARLOTTE NC (October 6, 2013) –  It’s October and Garrett Marchant Racing is doing its part to spread the word on Breast Cancer awareness.  Throughout October, Garrett Marchant and his team will implement pink wherever possible including Marchant’s No. 77 Lone Star Car Transportation Chevy, the team website, and social media networks.

The main focus of going pink will be on raising funds for Garrett Marchant’s Racing 2 Cure Program.  Marchant is an ambassador for the non-profit that aims at providing funds for cancer research as well as helping the “human side of cancer.” Racing 2 Cure helps families pay for tutor and lawn services, transportation to appointments while living with cancer, and helps with some medical bills. Since joining the program in mid-2012 Garrett Marchant and his fans have been able to raise nearly $500, but Marchant wants to push that to over $1,000 this year.

“I would love for all of my fans to take a moment and go to my donation site ( and at least one dollar. If everyone that likes my Facebook page and follows me on Twitter donates $1 that would be over $10,000 raised for Racing 2 Cure!” up-and-coming NASCAR driver, Garrett Marchant said. “The pink car is our way of honoring those fighting, have won the fight, and those that we have lost in the fight against breast cancer.”

Fans can also purchase a Racing 2 Cure hat and for every hat purchased, when putting Garrett Marchant as the referral, $2 will be added to Marchant’s Racing 2 Cure account. The hats are distributed by Last Lap Marketing and can be purchased at their website In addition, all hats are embroidery locally in North Carolina and are helping keep more Americans employed.

For more on Garrett Marchant Racing please visit, Facebook:, PR Twitter: @GMR77PR, Garrett's Personal Twitter: @GMarchant77, YouTube:, and on Instagram @GMarchant77.

Last Lap Marketing Press Release

CHARLOTTE, NC (August 19, 2013) – This past Sunday was different than most for West Virginia’s Josh White, for this Sunday White was behind the wheel of an ARCA car. White made his first start of the ARCA season in the No. 3 Spur Chaser TV thanks to the folks at Wayne Hixson Motorsports Chevrolet who fielded a second car.  White qualified 27th out of the 38 total cars at the Springfield, Illinois State Fairgrounds mile dirt track and was parked by ARCA officials a few laps in to the race, due to a lack of track time.

“It was a lot of fun, especially on dirt,” Josh White driver of the No. 3 Spur Chaser TV said. “This was the most excited I think I have ever been going to a race. I did what I do best, and adjusted quickly to the driving conditions and what I had under me. When I went out for practice though, my Spur Chaser TV Chevrolet was stuck in second gear but the WHM guys got it fixed for me. During qualifying I laid down a pretty soiled lap that I really happy about – the car had a lot of speed down the front stretch,” White added.

Josh White plans on returning to the seat on September 2nd when the ARCA Racing Series heads to the DuQuoin State Fair, another dirt track that White is look forward to. The race at DuQuoin will be a big step for White because he will be able to keep logging laps to meet ARCA’s requirements to contest an entire race. “It’s a start, this is getting me where I need to be – everything from here is up hill,” White noted about his current start and park deals.

White would like to race more this season with hopes of racing full time in ARCA in 2014 as well as make a few NASCAR Nationwide Series starts. The race at Iowa is on the radar for White but attempting and running the race depends on sponsors that would like to come on board. Those interested in helping White get to the next level can contact him via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The race from Springfield will air this coming Friday at 11PM on NBC Sports Network, which will be White’s first National televised race, and it won’t be the last. Your company could get the same National exposure with White when the race from Iowa airs on the newest sports network, Fox Sports 1 on September 7, live! Don’t delay on this opportunity to join Josh White Racing by contacting White today.

For more information on Josh White please visit www., Facebook:, and Twitter: @JoshWhiteRacing.

The season will continue this weekend as Garrett Marchant located a sponsor to repair the damaged No. 77 Lone Star Car Transportation Chevy after last weekend’s hard hit with the outside wall at East Carolina Motor Speedway. BMR Motorsports and Garrett Marchant Racing are thrilled to announce that Keen Parts / will be on board starting August 10th when Marchant returns to East Carolina Motor Speedway.

Keen Parts is committed to making your Corvette look the best from under the hood, to the interior, to the exterior they have you covered.  With over 18,000 parts in their database on their website any Corvette owner will be able to find what they are looking for.

“I ran really well last week before the throttle hung, hopefully we can pick up from where we left off,” Garrett Marchant explained. “I am really looking forward to the possibility of meeting my newest partners, Keen Parts, this weekend and possibly taking them to victory lane.”

For more on Keen Parts and to thank them for helping Garrett Marchant run this weekend please visit them on Facebook: and Twitter:

Fans are also reminded to place their order today for the new Racing 2 Cure hats from Last Lap Marketing. You can visit and in the driver referral box put Garrett Marchant and 10% of the sale will go to Marchant’s Racing 2 Cure efforts. Your support will be greatly appreciated as we Fight Cancer One Lap at a Time!

For more on Garrett Marchant Racing please visit, Facebook:, PR Twitter: @GMR77PR, Garrett's Personal Twitter: @GMarchant77, YouTube:, and on Instagram @GMarchant77.

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