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Summertime slurping from the speedway to your sofa

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Summertime slurping from the speedway to your sofa SLRRRP

Let's face it; it's hot! With summer grilling season in full effect, you need some sort of liquid refreshment to help cool you off after slaving over an open flame.

Most of the time, the average race fan will simply turn to his favorite frosty beer when the time comes for a nice liquid libation. However, I would hope that my readers are slightly above average. If you agree, then maybe it's time to reach for SLRRRP Shots – the world’s #1 vegetarian-friendly, award-winning gelatin shots!

They’ve ditched the animal byproducts in favor of plant-based ingredients and paired them with premium vodka, malt liquor, and whiskey.

These tasty, chilled treats are:
-Crafted with plant-based ingredients and premium alcohol
-Gluten Free
-13% alcohol for regular size and 8% alcohol for minis
-15% alcohol for whiskey
-60 calories or less per shot!
-8.5g sugar or less per shot!
-No refrigeration required
-2 year shelf life
-Available in 20 or 12 packs

For the full flavor experience, be sure to chill, freeze, or just add ice to the convenient carrying bucket.

Of course, you aren't always in the mood for alcohol. Well, maybe you are, but as they say, one cannot survive on beer alone! In that case, maybe you'd enjoy a nice bottle of iced tea?

AriZona Beverages is excited to launch Red Tea in 20oz tall boys, bringing the national drink of South Africa to the mainstream market in the United States. AriZona Red Tea is naturally caffeine free, made with real sugar, and only 70 calories per serving. Rooibos tea’s popularity in the US has increased over the last decade, and was named as one of the healthiest foods of all time. 
Native to South Africa, Rooibos is made from the needles of an indigenous bush and is a mild tea with deeply red hues. Made with only four ingredients, AriZona Red Tea will take imbibers on a trip to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa, where Rooibos is grown.
To honor Rooibos tea’s South African heritage, AriZona has partnered with The Long Walk to Freedom Foundation to celebrate their efforts and to continue the message of the great Nelson Mandela. A portion of each Red Tea sold will go toward the Mandela Education program, an extension of Mr. Mandela’s desire to use children’s literacy to liberate the mind and free the next generation of poverty.
“The Long walk to freedom Brand has chosen to continue our grandfather's work through the Mandela Education Program that focuses on school children with an emphasis on literacy both physical and digital,” said HRH Princess Swati Dlamini-Mandela. 
The project started back in 2007 and continues to this day with more than 200,000 children in the literacy focus daily. “The aim is to reach 2 million children daily, so we have a way to go yet,” said HRH Princess Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway.
AriZona’s Red Tea is offered in 20 oz. Tall Boys with a suggested retail value of $1.00 for a single bottle at local convenience stores, gas stations, bodegas, delis and wherever AriZona is sold or $22.99 a 12 pack for direct-to-door delivery one DrinkAriZona.com.
No matter what you choose to hydrate with, be sure to do so in moderation. Drink plenty of liquids, don't spend all day in the hot sun, and have a fantastic summer! You deserve it. 
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Adam has been a race fan since the first time he went through the tunnel under the Daytona International Speedway more than 30 years ago. He has had the privilege of traveling to races all across the state of Florida (as well as one race in Ohio), watching nearly everything with a motor compete for fame and glory, as well as participating in various racing schools to get the feel of what racecar drivers go through every week.  

Adam spent several years covering motorsports for Examiner.com., where he had the opportunity to see the racing world from behind the scenes as well as the grandstands. He invites everyone to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for all things racing with the readers of SpeedwayDigest.com.

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