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MPM Marketing becomes multi-year title sponsor for All Pro Legends, Bandolero Series

Thursday, Jun 09 487

The success of the All Pro Limited Late Model Series’ in its inaugural season will be bolstered with further assistance from MPM Marketing.

Already the official motorsports marketing company of the All Pro Limited Late Model Series, MPM Marketing will now become the official title sponsor for the division’s Legends and Bandolero divisions for the next several years. 

Steve Zacharias has been thrilled to see the progress the All Pro Limited Late Model Series has made so far in 2022 and knows that having MPM Marketing aboard as a title sponsor for its support divisions will only provide more positive exposure for everyone involved.

“To be a part of a group like [MPM Marketing] is an honor,” Zacharias said. “For them to come on and help push this new series in general and now push the Legends and [Bandolero] portions of it will be big for both of us. I’m excited to have the MPM name on for our races.”

The primary goal Zacharias envisioned with the All Pro Limited Late Model Series was to ensure that each division had their own time to shine throughout the season.

With MPM Marketing now expanding their support for the series into Legends and Bandolero competition, Zacharias said that it is more feasible to actively grow those two divisions in many ways through aggressive promotion and larger race-winning payouts.

Zacharias has long had a solid relationship with MPM Marketing and its founder in Tonya McCallister. He fully expects the partnership with McCallister to keep growing and provide sustainability for the All Pro Limited Late Model Series as the short track industry continues to change.

“Tonya and I both know this has great potential,” Zacharias said. “We’ve seen a lot of Limited [Late Model] series come and go, but they always show there is a market for them. Now we have to pair up because racing in general right now is tough, so to do this with a group like MPM really takes a lot of the weight off my shoulders.”

For McCallister, she believes the Legends and Bandolero divisions of the All Pro Limited Late Model Series are helping prepare drivers for their future and is eager to help Zacharias develop and promote the next generation of talent before they strap into a full-bodied stock car for the first time.

“[Steve] has been amazing to work with on this entire deal, so it just made sense to expand our support for the up-and-coming racers,” McCallister said. “From our career advancement side, we have a ladder system that allows clients to advance from one division to the next. Steve’s series also creates a steppingstone platform and that’s exactly in line with what we do with our clients, so it’s a fantastic fit.”

Along with having MPM Marketing being the title sponsors for Legends and Bandolero competition in the All Pro Limited Late Model Series, McCallister already has developmental teams as clients that can aid drivers in all three divisions.

There are also presenting sponsors that will be available for each event. Anyone interested can contact Zacharias for more information.

Zacharias is confident that the future for the All Pro Limited Late Model Series is brighter than ever and plans to work closely with MPM Marketing to bring in larger entry lists and some much needed notoriety through the first year of operation.

“We have to get the word out to these guys so that they know we’re having races,” Zacharias said. “We’re working on making these events bigger and make these guys feel like they are a part of something special. It’s been tough early on because of some weather issues through these first few races but now [MPM and I] can really sit back and think about how to make this series pop for the fans and drivers alike.”

All three divisions of the All Pro Limited Late Model series will descend onto Southern National Motorsports Park this Saturday for the Safelite Autoglass 200. The winner of the Legends feature will receive a $1,000 paycheck.



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