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Updated Regarding Graphics And Numbers At The 2022 Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout

Friday, Sep 24 329
From Matt Ward, Competition Director for the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout.
At this year’s Tulsa Shootout we will not be allowing reflective numbers.
If your numbers are borderline, not readable you will need to fix them. You will be given one warning during practice to fix your numbers. Numbers not fixed by race time will result in disqualification and you will not be allowed to enter the racetrack.
Non-Wing Classes must have a number on the nose of your car. The letter must be above the number and legible.
Winged Classes must have numbers on both sideboards.
All cars must have legible numbers on the tail tank.
We have three hand scorers and sometimes transponders do go down. We would like to be able to read all car numbers in order to quicken getting cars lined up during cautions. It also helps our infield crew to move cars around when a RACEceiver malfunctions. We are expecting a record car count and would like to be able to speed the show up when cautions arise.
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