NASCAR Hall of Fame Expands Educational Offerings

Wednesday, Oct 21 1087

Today the NASCAR Hall of Fame introduced its newest educational offering: SPARK! Full Throttle Discovery. New for the 2020-21 school year, the STE(A)M-based program invites students of all ages to learn through racing-themed, customizable online, on-site and on-location learning opportunities.


The NASCAR Hall of Fame offers three different learning opportunities for educators and students utilizing SPARK! Full Throttle:

  • Virtual live or pre-recorded: Students experience a virtual field trip to the Hall with either a live or pre-recorded online workshop. Materials and supplies are distributed in advance, allowing between 25 and 49 students from anywhere in the US to participate. Virtual workshops last between 30 and 90 minutes.
  • At the NASCAR Hall of Fame: On-site at the Hall, SPARK! Full Throttle provides the ultimate learning field trip experience, combining active, hands-on labs and workshops with interactive exhibits and career exploration. Field trips last between 90 minutes and four hours.
  • On the Road: NASCAR Hall of Fame education staff members hit the road to bring SPARK! Full Throttle Discovery directly to schools within a 2-3 hour/200-mile radius of Charlotte. On the Road workshops last between 30 and 90 minutes and can be paired with a field trip to the Hall for further learning.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is not only a top attraction in Charlotte, but also an important educational resource for schools, hosting thousands of students each year for field trips. Earlier this year the Hall’s educational team developed a series of online learning modules, called SPARK! Learning, to offer additional support to students, parents and teachers facing unprecedented learning challenges amidst COVID-19. SPARK! Full Throttle Discovery is the latest evolution of the NASCAR Hall of Fame's educational offerings, combining the highlights from beloved in-person field trips with newly-developed online programming to meet students and educators where they are and provide a robust experience, regardless of platform.


“SPARK! Full Throttle Discovery is in direct response to the unique challenges educators, students and their parents faced as the transition to virtual learning began in March of this year,” said Winston Kelley, Executive Director of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. “Although the Hall was closed to visitors in compliance with health and safety regulations, our staff remained hard at work for the duration of the closure developing this exciting new program to broaden access and expand young minds through a variety of educational activities.”


To learn more about the NASCAR Hall of Fame or participate in a SPARK! Learning lesson, visit and follow the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for updates.