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NASCAR — Auto Club Speedway to Become a Short Track

Friday, Sep 18
NASCAR — Auto Club Speedway to Become a Short Track NK Photography Photo

If you’re into racing, then you must know all about NASCAR and the way it operates. You also must be aware of all the speedways across the US with a rich history in NASCAR. In case you’re not, we’ll tell you that Auto Club Speedway is located in California — one of the states that has a close relationship with NASCAR.

The track has been home to many exciting races since 1997 when Jeff Gordon won his first race. It was also a lucky place for Jimmie Johnson, who has written down six wins here. However, NASCAR now has some other plans for Auto Club Speedway.

Namely, the speedway in question is planned to be converted to a short track, more on which you’ll find out if you keep reading!


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NASCAR Calls for More Short Tracks

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At the moment, we’re witnessing NASCAR’s transformation of Auto Club Speedway in California into a short track. This idea has been out there on the web for some time, but this season might be crucial for the realization of this plan. As we’ve come to know, NASCAR has been on its way to introduce more short track events this year.

One step NASCAR took in order to provide more short track races was moving the All-Star Race from the Charlotte Motor Speedway to the Bristol Motor Speedway. This was the first time such a thing occurred, and it was an obvious attempt to further push the idea of having more short track events.

At the moment, the Richmond Raceway, Martinsville Raceway, and Bristol are the three of NASCAR’s short tracks.


The Reason Behind This Transformation

The main reason for converting Auto Club Speedway into a short track is directly tied to staying competitive on the market. Also, a story has been going around about the need for the Auto Club Speedway to get revamped.

However, the redevelopment of a track such as the Auto Club Speedway is also influenced by some other factors, particularly NASCAR’s desire not to let go of the Los Angeles races. Namely, all the races that take place near the LA area are regularly visited by the majority of celebrities, either from Hollywood or the world of sports.

Speaking of sports, the LA football stadium and other sports venues in LA have been strong competitors to the throne regarding popularity, meaning that NASCAR had to do something in order to remain in the picture of spectators.

The Auto Club Speedway is about to get the 2-mile track converted into a half-mile track. The work on the conversion is planned to start after the race scheduled for 2021 and end before the start of the 2022 season. This new project is named NextGen in California, and it requires the track to be ready before introducing the Next-Gen car in 2022.

Hopefully, this will pay off in the long run, as the demand for short tracks has been on and going for quite some time, and doesn’t seem to cease in the near future.



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