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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series presents first NWES Drivers Summer Camp

Friday, Jul 03 1165
With racing restarting in Europe and the 2020 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season set beginning on September 12-13, summer will be a perfect occasion for drivers to discover EuroNASCAR as well as to develop their skills on the best Touring Cars in Europe. The powerful NWES cars, featuring 400 hp over 1210 kg of weight and rear wheel drive without any electronic aids represent a challenge every driver must try in his career and a very useful training for young drivers.

To offer pilots the best opportunity to approach EuroNASCAR and prepare for the upcoming season, Team FJ, organizer of the NWES presented today a special Summer Camp, taking place at the EuroNASCAR Test track in Fontenay Le Comte, France on July 29-30.

The NWES Summer Camp will be open to all drivers, from beginners to pros, aged 16 and over and coming from car racing or go-karts. It will feature a mix of on-track sessions, coaching with EuroNASCAR veterans, technical briefing and – for the two-day Advanced Program – time-attack practices and a qualifying simulation. All drivers will also have the chance to meet NWES President - CEO Jerome Galpin to explore NASCAR career opportunities and enjoy the unique atmosphere of EuroNASCAR by spending the day with the NWES organization. A special introductory course will be also available for beginners.

Following the Summer Camp, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and its partners will offer the best prospects financial help on their entry fee to join the 2020 or 2021 NWES season. 

“During these past 10 years, we have seen that our EuroNASCAR cars fit every kind of driver,” explained Jerome Galpin. “They provided great fun to some of the best drivers in the world ˆover the course of our 7 appearances at the Race of Champions. They also enhanced the skills of lots of young talents coming directly from karting or with a modest racing experience. We really think the NWES represents today one of the best racing packages in Europe and we will take the opportunity to have a summer less busy than usual to offer drivers the opportunity to taste it.”

The NWES Summer Camp will represent the perfect opportunity for drivers to have their first experience on a NASCAR car, but will also be an ideal training for all the drivers looking to fine-tune their skills ahead of what promises to be a very busy racing autumn.

A participation fee of 900€ per day will be required to each driver. The fee will be refunded when the driver will enter the 2020 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series season.

To submit their entry or ask for more information, drivers can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • 2 x discovery practice sessions
  • Meetings with Euro NASCAR technicians
  • Meetings with coach drivers and NWES veterans
  • Meeting with NWES President Jerome Galpin
  • Lunch with the NWES organization
  • 2x discovery practice sessions
  • Meetings with Euro NASCAR technicians
  • Meetings with coach drivers and NWES veterans
  • Meeting with NWES President Jerome Galpin
  • Lunches with the NWES organization
  • 2 x Time attack practices
  • 1 x qualifications simulation
  • EuroNASCAR Race procedures and Setup initiation


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