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Racer Ricciardo's Defence Against £10 Million Claim

Saturday, Aug 24

A little background to this update, Glenn Beavis claims that he is owed 20% of Daniel Ricciardo’s Renault salary and other elements of the lucrative deal. In response to the claim that reaches over £10 million, Renault Formula 1 driver Ricciardo’s representatives have released a defence against the claim from his former advisor. Keep reading to find out more, but first be sure to take a break every once in a while, and find yourself a casino with a huge selection of casino games like sports betting. You might even find one of Ricciardo’s races to bet on.

The main idea of the claim is the alleged agreement that took place in the middle of 2015. This (alleged) agreement is what makes the former advisor believe that he is entitled to $20,000 each month plus 20% commission of the Formula 1 racer’s income.

The issue rests with Ricciardo’s denial that there was any agreement breach. The formal argument has been laid before London’s High Court. The defence in question dismisses various aspects of Beavis’s alleged entitlement.

In addition to this denial, the defence for Ricciardo and Whitedunes (the company he owns and handles his commercial interests) states that the entitlement was only asserted after Ricciardo had relayed an interest in ending their agreement. This supposed conversation between the two parties took place last December. The £10 mil plus is allegedly also contradicted in various emails between the parties involved.

Breaking down this 14-page document, there are 41 references to aspects of the claim that are being denied. Then, there are three references that are made to “vague and embarrassing particulars”. With two of them regarding instructions that are unspecified currently, from Whitedunes. Once in answer to the claim of “numerous deals” being introduced that apparently never came to fruition.

In the entirety of this document, there is only one admittance of a 20% commission that the driver is willing to pay due to it relating to commercial deals and sponsorships. However, this would be on a casual rather than a formal basis or agreement.

The referred to 2015 agreement is what is being disputed. In a nutshell, all of Beavis’s attempts have been rejected by the defence. It even disputes that the allegedly specified 20% commission was ever even discussed. The only way that Beavis would try to prove this is by bringing up communications referring to contracts relating to merchandising or sponsorships and not the driver’s entire income.

Due to a meeting that the parties did have in April 2015, Ricciardo agreed to the 20% commission – on such deals which is why the defence relents that the driver is up to pay what he agreed to. However, this is not relating to the entirety of his earnings as Beavis claims.

There may be a lot of nit-picking, as well as, here say, however, the just of it is that the driver and his team is refusing the claims that Beavis has put through. This is, in part, on the grounds that he was paid his retainer-based invoices throughout his position with Ricciardo. Of the driver’s estimated £20 million plus salary, there is no legal basis for Beavis to have a claim to 20% of it. The ball is in his court as he is required to provide “strict proof” should he wish to continue his war on Ricciardo and his team. Even if proof is dug up, there is no guarantee to his entitlement. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this case.


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