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AMR’s New Safety Team Announced at Annual NASCAR Summit

Thursday, Jan 11 7023

AMR is kicking off a second season as the Official Emergency Medical Services Partner of NASCAR. For the 2018 season, AMR assembled an experienced safety team that will work alongside local track personnel to provide medical safety services at all 2018 track events. During the NASCAR Summit in Charlotte, NC this week, AMR introduced the new safety team:

  • Dr. Angi Fiege, Safety Team Medical Director and Chase Physician,  Indianapolis, IN
  • Dr. Ryan Stanton, Chase Physician, Lexington, KY
  • Dr. Tom Sprinkle, Chase Physician,  Sonoma, CA
  • Brandon Carroll, Chase Medic, Roanoke, VA
  • Dale Keen, Chase Medic,  Roanoke, VA
  • Ethan Zerpa-Blanco, Chase Medic, Boulder, CO
  • Jacob Sheffer, Chase Medic, Sonoma, CA
  • John Karuza, Chase Medic,  Spokane, WA
  • Les Brock, Chase Medic, Philadelphia, PA
  • Lisa Kaplan, Chase Medic, Rochester, NY
  • Tim Nelson, Chase Medic, Athens, TN

This year’s NASCAR Summit was January 7-9. During the event, hundreds of dedicated track services, medical, safety and security workers prepared for the upcoming season. In its 17th year, the Summit has provided the opportunity for the teams to learn about best practices and innovations prior to the start of each season.

“This partnership is unique to our organization, as it allows our team members to provide expert care at races throughout the season”, said Edward Van Horne, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMR. “We provide continual training and education to ensure we not only provide best practices but develop them for our industry. The relationship with NASCAR is integral to our efforts, and we are proud to provide safety services.” In AMR’s continued partnership with NASCAR, Dr. Angi Fiege will oversee medical services provided by AMR and will work with NASCAR medical liaisons and NASCAR consulting physicians.

“We made great strides in our first year of the partnership with AMR”, said Jim Cassidy, Senior Vice President, Racing Operations, NASCAR. “Safety is paramount to our sport, and it is together with partners like AMR that we will further strengthen that core priority.”

AMR is the largest provider of emergency medical transportation services in the U.S. and a leader in pre-hospital care and treatment.



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