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Third place for Raphael Lessard at Hickory Motor Speed​​way

Sunday, Oct 30 1880

Raphael Lessard, the young pilot of 15 years protected Toyota / TRD, went close to winning the drivers' championship CARS Super Late Model Tour s amedi night at Hickory Motor Speedway when he finished in 3rd position when Cloer 300 construction. This is in almost the driver of Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, which rose from 12 to 2nd position at a full test of action. He is left with 30 points ahead of his nearest rival, and winner of the race - Brandon Setzer, which will facilitate its task of winning the championship at the last race on 12 November.

Raphael, driving his Toyota Camry # 99 FRL Express / Team Coach Imaging / Toyota / JBLAudio prepared by the team David Gilliland Racing , qualified in 12th position for the penultimate race of the season. As usual, he climbed into 2nd position before slipping to third place in the final corner of the race. It was a hard fought race to Raphael who was victim of several frets from his opponents. It is with a slightly damaged car, he moved up in the pack of the leaders when it has not been easy. Still, Raphael has maintained its track by car.

Finally, during a so-called stimulus "green-white-checker," which means green flag, white flag and checkered flag, one after another, Lessard lost 2nd place facing Riley Herbst. The championship is still within reach of Raphael which now has 271 points against Brandon Setzer and his 241 points. In principle, Raphael would only have to take the start of the next race to win the title.

"We qualified in 12th position this time. Whenever we run this on the track, the car does not seem to go well at first. After 15 or 20 laps, after the tires were worn a bit, then it gets better, "said Raphael.

"During the race, I was never in the right place at the right time, it seems. I was caught in several situations on the track that made me lose positions. The car was not perfect, but it was still good. It was hoped a victory, but a third is not bad! "

As for his hopes for the championship, the driver remains confident: "I'm pretty confident, but we will do as always in the last race. If we as usual, things will go well! "

Raphael wishes to thank his family, his agent Robert Desrosiers, FRL Express, Team Coach Imaging, Toyota / TRD, JBL Audio and all David Gilliland Racing team.



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