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2013 ASA Member track national championship top 5 unchanged

Friday, Sep 20 1949

The battle for the 2013 ASA Member Track National Championship is unchanged this week with the Top 5 remaining the same for the first time since the standings were released for the first time on August 10.
Dalton Zehr of Norway Speedway leads the way for the seventh consecutive week followed by Jeremy Lepak (State Park Speedway), Ryan Stiltner (Lonesome Pine Raceway), Shelby Stroebel (Meridian Speedway) and Brian Blevins (Newport Speedway).
Due to a spring and summer that caused significant weather issues for many track operators, these standings are still considered early in the season and it is anticipated that significant change will be seen in the coming weeks.
The Top 5 in the ASA Member Track National Championship standings are:
Dalton Zehr, Norway Speedway – 4.3540
Jeremy Lepak, State Park Speedway – 3.1436
Ryan Stiltner, Lonesome Pine Raceway – 2.9690
Shelby Stroebel, Meridian Speedway – 2.1711
Brian Blevins, Newport Speedway – 1.8569
Zehr runs the Late Model division at Norway (MI) Speedway, a 1/3-mile asphalt oval, and has seen his average increase to 4.3540.

After vaulting into the standings just three weeks ago, Lepak continues to hold onto the second position with a 3.1436 average. He runs the Super Late Models at State Park Speedway, a 1/4mile asphalt oval outside Wausau, WI.
Stiltner has had a position in the standings since they debuted and remains in third with a 2.9690 average. He runs Late Models at Lonesome Pine Raceway, a 3/8-mile asphalt oval, in Coeburn, VA.
In fourth with a 2.1711 average, Stroebel runs the Modified division at the ¼-mile asphalt Meridian (ID) Speedway oval. He is the 2012 ASA Member Track National Champion.
Remaining in fifth is Blevins with a 1.8569 average running the Late Model Sportsman division at Newport (TN) Speedway, a 4/10-mile asphalt oval.
Throughout the season, drivers competing in the premiere divisions at eligible ASA Member Tracks are in the running for the 2013 ASA Member Track National Championship.  In order to have a chance for the national title, a driver must first win their 2013 track championship., for the sixth year in a row, will tabulate the National Championship standings.  Using a proprietary formula that creates an average based on wins, finishing positions, number of cars passed, car counts and events.  The driver who wins their track championship and has the highest average over the other ASA Member Track champions will win the 2013 ASA Member Track National Championship.


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