Monday, Dec 04

Transcripts: Kevin Harvick Pit Road Interview - Talladega Superspeedway

Q. 12/1000th of a second. Take us through the late moves, Kevin, trying to get the win.

KEVIN HARVICK: Well, I just tried to block the lanes, and then I was kind of late blocking the 12 there. He got to the outside of US, but it actually worked out okay because the 24 was a great pusher. Then it got shuffled again, and I had Riley behind me.

I thought I was in a really good spot headed down the back straightaway with everything that was happening because I knew if I could get off the trioval with Riley right on my bumper, I was still going to be okay, and then he got spun in the middle of the trioval.

Just want to thank everybody on our it Busch Light Ford. They did a great job. Right about there, I said we're sailing. The spotter is yelling at me to side draft. I'm, like, we're not going to need to side draft. Riley got loose and spun out.

Then I'm like, well, we're all alone here with two of them below me, but great day, great way to end at Talladega. I always want to win. It is what it is.


Q. Could you have imaged if this was the walk-off win for you?

KEVIN HARVICK: Yeah, they might have torn it down. You know, that would have been great. Talladega has been so up-and-down through the years. We've had some great moments, some bad moments. Last superspeedway race and went out with everything rolling, so that's a good thing.


Q. Nearly had a second win here at the big track, guys.




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