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Ford Performance NASCAR: Brad Keselowski Talladega Accident Quotes

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 6 Solomon Plumbing Ford Mustang -- “It was just one of those Talladega pushing and shoving deals.  I just gave a really light push to the 42 car and it turned around on him, so unfortunate for us.  We were able to win the second stage and were in a pretty good position there.  It sucks.  It sucks for everybody.  I hate it for him.  I hate it for us, but it is what it is.”


WHAT HAPPENED?  “I just feel bad for Carson.  I gave him a little push and it just took off on him.  It wadded up a bunch of cars and it’s unfortunate, but we were having a good day with our Solomon Plumbing Ford.  We were leading laps and won the second stage.  I got shuffled there a few laps earlier and were trying to claw back and it all just gathered up.


WHAT DID YOU SEE?  “It was one of those Talladega deals.  We had a really really good Ford Mustang and we were up front for a while.  We led the second stage and won the second stage, so that felt good.  We got shuffled there a few laps before the incident and was trying to claw our way back in the third lane.  The 42 pulled up in front of me and I just gave him a push and it kind of instantly spun out on him.  It’s unfortunate, but part of the deal.”




DID YOU FEEL YOU PUSHED HIM TOO HARD?  “I don’t know about that.  I guess anytime you spin somebody out you pushed him too hard, but you just don’t know until you push somebody how good their car is gonna be, compared to everybody else I was pushing I would say no.”


WHO DID YOU WORK WELL WITH TODAY?  “I thought I worked well with Logano and we were able to get to the front there, and Aric Almirola was really good and Blaney, all those guys.  We were in a good spot I just hate that it unraveled for us.”


THOUGHTS GOING TO THE ROVAL.  “I don’t know.  We’ll see how this thing cycles out through the finish and what our situation is then, but it’s certainly not ideal.  I’m glad we were able to win the stage.  That certainly helps our points at least a little, but not as much as if we were able to finish the race out.”


DID YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES GETTING TO THE BUMPERS OF THE TOYOTAS?  “Not that I can recall, no.  It’s hard to say.  I didn’t have a lot of time working with them to be honest.”


DO YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO TAKE MORE AGGRESSIVE PUSHING TO GET WHERE YOU WANTED TO GO?  “Not really, no.  I felt like our pushes were pretty strong and the top lane just kept rolling back to the front and it’s just a matter of the cars you’re around and how well they handle.”


ARE YOU DEVASTATED?  “It’s not ideal, but I’m not devastated.  I’d be devastated if we ran terrible and wrecked, but we ran good and I’m proud of our team for putting the effort we need to run up front and lead laps and win the second stage.  It just didn’t come together at the end.”

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