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Goodyear Fast Facts -- Pocono


NASCAR Cup Series – Race No. 21 – 160 laps / 400 miles
Pocono Raceway (2.5-mile triangle) – Long Pond, Pa.
Fast Facts for July 22-23, 2023

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 18-inch Speedway Radials

Set limits: Cup – 1 set for practice, 1 set for qualifying and 7 sets for the race
     (6 race sets plus 1 set transferred from qualifying)

Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-5186; Right-side -- D-5190

Tire Circumference: Left-side -- 2,263 mm (89.09 in.); Right-side -- 2,279 mm (89.72 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front -- 20 psi; Left Rear -- 22 psi;
     Right Front -- 40 psi; Right Rear -- 38 psi

Storyline – Challenges abound at Pocono: There is no arguing that Pocono Raceway is one of the more unique race tracks that NASCAR competes on, giving teams several challenges in setting up their cars.  Not only do teams face the three distinct corner radii, but there is also a relative lack of banking and a bumpy track surface.  Goodyear’s tire set-up is designed to give cars the grip they need while having a construction robust enough handle the track’s demands.
     “Pocono is definitely a tough track to get ahold of, with teams having to decide between being decent in all three corners or trying to optimize one or two corners to maximize handling and speed,” said Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing.  “We had success with the compounds we raced at Pocono last year, so that remains the same for 2023, along with the construction update on the left-side to align with other tracks.  The nice thing is that teams know this left-side, with this being the fifth race on it this season.”

Notes – Cup teams move to popular left-side at Pocono:  Being 18-inch bead diameter tires, NASCAR Cup teams will run a different tire set-up than those in the NASCAR Xfinity and Craftsman Truck Series at Pocono this week . . . Cup teams are on the same right-side tire they ran at Pocono in 2022, with a different left-side tire . . . they have run this left-side four times already this season – Auto Club, Las Vegas, Kansas and Nashville . . . compared to what they ran last year, this left-side features a construction update . . . with this 18-inch tire, and its lower profile sidewall, NASCAR Cup cars do not run inner liners in any of their tires.

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NASCAR Xfinity Series – Race No. 18 – 90 laps / 225 miles
NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series – Race No. 15 – 60 laps / 150 miles
Pocono Raceway (2.5-mile triangle) – Long Pond, Pa.
Fast Facts for July 21-22, 2023

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 15-inch Speedway Radials

Set limits: Xfinity: 5 sets for the event;
     Truck: 5 sets for the event

Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-6106; Right-side -- D-6108

Tire Circumference: Left-side -- 2,225 mm (87.60 in.); Right-side -- 2,250 mm (88.58 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front -- 18 psi; Left Rear -- 18 psi;
     Right Front -- 41 psi; Right Rear -- 37 psi

Notes – Xfinity, Trucks on multi-zone tread right-side tire at Pocono: Being on 15-inch bead diameter tires, NASCAR Xfinity and Craftsman Truck Series teams will run a different tire set-up than those in the Cup Series at Pocono this weekend . . . this is the same combination of left- and right-side tires that these teams ran at Pocono in 2022 . . . Xfinity teams have also run this same tire set-up at Auto Club earlier this season . . . this Xfinity/Truck right-side is a multi-zone tread tire, featuring two distinct tread compounds on the same tire -- one for heat and wear resistance on the inboard two inches of the tread (Endurance Zone) and one for grip on the outboard 10 inches (Traction Zone) . . . air pressure in those inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

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