Friday, Sep 29

Transcripts: Michael McDowell - NASCAR All-Star Open Frontstretch Interview - North Wilkesboro

Q. Michael McDowell, the other side of the equation of what took place there. Ty Gibbs and you made some contact a couple different occasions to night. What was the message you were trying to send and how frustrated are you night now?

MICHAEL McDowell: Well, it's short track racing to try to get into the All-Star Race, so somebody has got to leave with hurt feelings. I guess it's me. I've got a great restart there, kind of worked the outside, got a couple guys and was able to get down, and Ty just plowed into me, just knocked me into the 31 and spun us both out, and got a lot of damage from that.

We ended up on the short side of it. It sucks. Felt like we had a pretty fast Gr8 Auctions Ford Mustang, but at the same time all that stuff comes around, man. You get away with it a few times, but it comes around, and I don't have a budget for the fine, otherwise I would not be standing here, I'd be standing down there.



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