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Ford Performance NASCAR: Joey Logano Bristol Accident Quotes

JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 Shell/Pennzoil Ford Mustang – WHAT HAPPENED THERE?  “Someone wrecked in front of me and I can’t say I really saw it and they came down the racetrack and hit it with the right-front and it broke the steering and then I hit the wall really hard after that.  That just kind of killed our car.  It’s a bummer.  We got caught up in pretty much everything from the beginning of the race.  I was in the first couple of cautions right off the bat.  We had a really good Mustang that could run its way back through the field and we got our way back to 14th by the end of the first stage and I was like, ‘Alright, I think we’re pretty good.’  And then just got caught up in more of them.”


WHAT ABOUT TRACK CONDITIONS?  “It’s pretty racy right now.  You look at it right now and it’s top to bottom.  It’s pretty good.”


IS THAT WHY WE’RE SEEING GUYS LOSE IT AND SPIN?  “There’s a lot of lanes.  It’s really slick and as the cars get more and more sideways they don’t really like it too much.  They really want to come around easy and you just see cars spin out, which is just a product of not being dirt cars.  I think that’s part of it, but when we do get to race it’s pretty entertaining.”


HOW ARE CONDITIONS COMPARED TO LAST NIGHT?  “Comparable.  About the same.  If anything, it’s probably rubbered in a little bit more, which we would expect,  Obviously, it dried out pretty quick as we’d expect, but I think it’s pretty good right now.  The lesson I learned tonight is after they watered the track up top is not more grip.  That’s mud.  Not good.”


HOW HARD WAS IT TO GET INTO A RHYTHM?  “There is no rhythm right now.  They run 10 laps at a time, if that.  It’ll probably look like that for a while.”


HOW HARD IS IT TO GET THROUGH THE FIELD?  “Honestly, our car was so good that we drove from the back a few times and it wasn’t that bad.  There are a lot of lanes.  If you’re faster, you can move around and do different things.  You can pass and make big moves and do things, but there’s always carnage around you and at some point you get caught up in it.”

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