Monday, Jun 05

Transcript: Ross Chastain - Pit Road Interview - COTA

Q. Ross, talk me through the end of the race.

ROSS CHASTAIN: When we got spun, I think we restarted down at Niece Equipment south of town. To come back to a top five was a top effort for our Worldwide Express team.

I thought we were a top-five car all day. Thought the 45 had us covered. There was a line of Chevys second through sixth. It was about positioning each other while we were saving fuel, then racing each other, whoever was in front was going to be pretty good.

Another top five here. I love this place. I love road course racing. But the fight to get better never stops. I know there's things I can be doing better.

From everybody from Jockey to Moose, Advent Health, everybody at Trackhouse, Justin Marks' birthday this weekend. We ended up with a good finish, but it wasn't the prettiest.



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