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Ford Performance NASCAR: Keselowski and Buescher Post-Race Quotes

BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 6 King’s Hawaiian Ford Mustang – “We’re better than we were here last year, but not enough better to make the difference.  This track has gotten slick, but we’ll go swing at them next week.”


DOES IT MEAN ANYTHING FOR SHORT TRACKS THE REST OF THE YEAR?  “There’s no other track like this and we were really good at Phoenix.  We’re excited to see what we can do there.  Of course, Daytona was really good for us last year, but we have to figure something out for this track, clearly, and we’ll just keep working on it.”


WHERE DID YOU IMPROVE FROM A YEAR AGO?  “We are getting a better understanding of the car, but just not better enough of what it needs on the vehicle dynamics side.  We’re still working through that.  We’ve got some new hires and new things going on that started last week and we’ll see if we can get better,”


WHAT WAS YOUR TAKE ON THE INCIDENT WITH DANIEL IN THE HEAT RACE?  “It’s just bumper cars – guys that are desperate.”


COULD THE OTHER GUYS JUST GET BACK TO THE GAS EARLIER?  “We just never could get the corner.  We were just really loose in with both of our cars and just couldn’t turn the wheel.”


CHRIS BUESCHER, No. 17 Fastenal Ford Mustang – “It’s definitely a bummer again.  We fought hard and thought we had made some improvements.  I think we did, but ultimately it didn’t yield a much different result here.  We had some really good short track runs last year, obviously Bristol and Richmond and a couple of others, and then there were a handful that didn’t go real good, I’m thinking like Loudon, so maybe it’s one of those deals where we’ve got to dissect what’s similar and what’s plaguing us at times like these or races like this and get back on track.  It’s definitely not the way you want to start the year, but we’ll be ready for Daytona.”


THIS IS AN OUTLIER AS FAR AS TRACKS GO, SO DO YOU SPEND A LOT OF TIME WORRYING ABOUT IT?  “We’re racers, though, so it hurts your feelings.  You want to be better than that and we just weren’t.  It’s not much like other places we go and it’s kind of like bumper cars out there in a lot of ways, but it’s still a race and we need to be more competitive.”

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