Thursday, Dec 08

Transcript: Kyle Larson Pit Road Interview - Texas Motor Speedway

Q. Kyle, you lost a lot of spots on pit road. Crew chief Cliff Daniels even apologized for the team not getting you what you needed. When that's out of your control, how do you handle situations like that?

KYLE LARSON: You try to shake it off the best that you can and go out there and put together some good runs.

We were able to overcome all the spots that we would lose on pit road. I felt like I drove from the back to the top five or six -- almost every run.

Really, really good car. Proud of the effort there at the shop, the piece that we brought here to Texas. It's good we were above the cut, but yeah, we're plus 16. I feel like we could have been plus 34 or something at least. Bummer there.

Potentially could have won the race, I think. We had the best car. The weather delay really hurt, too. I think we were by far the best when the track was hot. When it got cooler out, I got loose, everybody seemed to get faster. It was just harder to pass.

Yeah, bummer there. Proud of the effort back at the shop.

Q. Looking at the next week, Talladega, superspeedways are not your favorite thing, how do you approach that race?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, hopefully I would love to get some stage points, pat ourselves a little bit, cross our fingers and pray to God that we see a checkered flag.



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