Sunday, Mar 26

Transcript: Denny Hamlin Pit Road Interview - Texas Motor Speedway

Q. Denny, William said he wanted to show his displeasure but didn't want to spin you out. You wanted to see a penalty for that contact under caution. Were you surprised it didn't come out by NASCAR?

DENNY HAMLIN: I think the crew chief was wanting something. I guess we can just wreck each other under caution. I tried to wreck him back.

Yeah, I don't think we touched. I got to look. I don't think we touched. Obviously he sent us into the infield under caution.

Q. You haven't had any prior incidents. What is that conversation going to be like?

DENNY HAMLIN: I mean, you know, I keep hearing these guys. I'll just add it to the list of guys when I get a chance. They're going to get it.

Q. Later in the Playoffs or is this something that carries over to next year?

DENNY HAMLIN: It all just works itself out. We'll be racing each other at some point. He'll lose a lot of spots because he's racing me. This is hard racing, obviously. I'm fine with hard racing.

But wrecking me under caution is obviously not what we were bargaining for. So thanks to my FedEx Toyota team for bouncing back. Obviously it cost us all of our track position. I thought we were in a great position to win until we got sent back to 20 something there.



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