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Transcript - Kevin Harvick Frontstretch Interview - Michigan International Speedway

Sunday, Aug 07 480

Q. I have seen you pull off some clutch wins in your career. Championship aside, is this maybe the most clutch win you've ever pulled off?

KEVIN HARVICK: Just good timing for sure. You know, we've had several good runs the last few weeks, Loudon, and Pocono where the car ran good and just didn't have everything work out.

Just really proud of everybody on our Busch Light Apple Ford Mustang. They've been digging along all year long, trying to make these Mustangs run faster. They haven't been great this year, but our guys have done a good job in trying to take what we have, maximize it and do the things that we need to do. Just really proud of everybody at Stewart-Haas Racing.

Q. Everyone doubted you guys. Did you guys ever doubt yourselves and think we're not going to pull this off with four races to go?

KEVIN HARVICK: Everybody who doubted us doesn't know us. They, obviously, know we thrive in these types of situations. And a lot of things went our way today, which we haven't had, all year long, have things go our way and have things fall our way.

And then there at the end we pitted, didn't go a lap down, and the caution came out, got control of the race. That's the thing I struggled with the most today, was traffic and the restarts and just having to make up ground. Once I got clear track, that baby was hunting.

Q. With only four shots to do it, did you think the win had to come today at one of your best race tracks?

KEVIN HARVICK: I think as -- I get that question every week, unfortunately.

Q. Of course.

KEVIN HARVICK: We don't do anything different. You go out and try to put yourself in a position to win the race and try to capitalize on a day and put a whole day today, and together we put a whole day together.

Q. How about these Michigan fans waiting it out through the rain delay? And you seem to enjoy this win a little more, Kevin. You soaked it in a little bit more. Why?

KEVIN HARVICK: It's been a while. Coming to Michigan, this has been a great place for us, and just got to thank all the fans. They've stuck with us through this little dry spell, so hopefully we can get back to victory lane again soon.

Q. You had this moment with Keelan a few years ago. Now you get to share it with Piper. That's got to be fun, huh?

KEVIN HARVICK: She's definitely trying to get used to it. Are you going to go for a ride with me?


Q. How about that, Michigan race fans? Piper is going for a ride. Daddy is going to take her to victory lane. It's a short ride, but it's a fun ride for a little kid.


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