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Bring back the stache

NASCAR Wire Service Thursday, Sep 13 1912

Gordon will have one new addition for the Chase, but it won’t be a member of his crew. Earlier this season, Gordon vowed that, if he made the Chase, he would grow the sort of moustache he sported as a rookie in 1993.

After he snatched the final Chase spot, Gordon’s wife Ingrid reminded him—and the rest of the world—in a posting on her Twitter account.

“My wife started all this, because she reminded me and Twitterville of the commitment I had made a month or a month and a half ago, whenever it was,” Gordon said. “I meant it when I said it and hoped that we would be in this position to be in the Chase and sporting the ‘stache, so here we go. Get ready.”

Tony Stewart suggested another element for Gordon’s appearance.

“He’s got to grow back the eyebrows to match it,” Stewart offered. “It was kind of a matching set.”

The member of the member of the No. 24 team with the most radical change in appearance, however, is Gordon’s crew chief, Alan Gustafson.

“Alan said he’d shave his head,” Gordon said, “so he shaved his head as well. So we’re committed.”


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