Tuesday, May 24

Joey Logano Start/Finish Line Interview

Q. It's been 40 races, Joey, since your last win. Did it in exciting fashion at the end of the race here. Talk me through Turn 3. You chased down William Byron, we see some contact, but you end up coming through with the win today.

JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, you're not going to put me in the wall and not get anything back. That's how that works. Man, super proud of the Shell-Pennzoil team, getting a victory here in Darlington. You know what it's like; I've never won here in a Cup race before.

So proud of this race team. Great execution all day long. I'll tell you what, the coolest thing is getting this car into Victory Lane. This is the car where it all started for me back in '95 in a Quarter Midget. Really honestly all the young kids racing out there right now, this could be you. I've got Silver City Quarter Midget Club on the back, all the cool things that went along with this car, and we got it into Victory Lane. It just means so much to me, and I can't thank Shell enough for letting us do that and Ford, and oh, man, everybody that was along with us.

It was a really special day, having my dad drive the Mach 1 before the race. A lot of cool things happened today. Definitely ended it up on a keynote.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, especially my mom, Brittany, back at home. I miss you, I love you, the boys, the girl, everybody. I've got a big family now.

Just rambling here, but I appreciate everybody. This is really cool.



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