Friday, Feb 03

Tyler Reddick - Pit Lane Interview -- Food City Dirt Race

Q. Tyler, talk me through turns three and four. What took place over there, what are the emotions right now?

TYLER REDDICK: I don't think I did everything right, to be honest with you. Briscoe was able to run me back down there. Just looking at it, I should have done a little bit better job of just -- I don't know. I shouldn't have let him get that close. He ran me back down. Worked really hard to do that.

I mean, you're racing on dirt, going for the move on the final corner. It's everything that as a driver you hope to battle for in his situation. Made it really exciting for the fans, so...

It does suck, but we were able to finish second still. I'm being honest. I should have done a better job and pulled away so he wasn't in range to try to make that move. That's how I look at it.



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