Saturday, Dec 02

Joey Logano - Frontstretch Interview -- Martinsville Speedway

Q. Joey Logano comes up one spot short. Joey, you rallied there, had you run for it at the end, but with so many unknowns coming into this race, your perspective on what it was like with this car?

JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, it was a good race down to the end. Really hard to pass. I feel like if I had a better restart the restart before that -- I think I chose the wrong lane and got the 3 in front of me and just got stuck behind him, couldn't pass him. Maybe I could have had something for the 4 in that long haul if not.

But just that final restart there, had a front row. That's what you can ask for. Got cleared to second, and Willy kind of messed up off of 4 and let me get to him, and he did a really good job of brake checking into third, right, which is a good job. He did what he was supposed to do, and kind of got me all stuffed up behind him and I couldn't accelerate off the corner and be as close as I needed to be down into 3 to execute the ol' bump-and-run. Couldn't get quite to him, but his corner entry was really strong, too, which I think allowed him to get in there pretty strong.

Overall the Shell-Pennzoil Mustang had a solid run. Just hate being that close to winning and not making it happen. But big points today, and it just stings. Second just sucks sometimes, that's all.



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