Saturday, Jul 02

Quotes from Tony Stewart following Goodyear Tire Test at Bowman Gray Stadium

On testing at Bowman Gray Stadium

It was fun today to get a chance to come up here, to be invited by NASCAR to come up and do the tire test for the Coliseum race. This is a track I’ve only been to one time and got to watch the races. So it was pretty cool to be on track here. It was fun and to get a chance to drive the Next Gen car was cool too.

On the differences between current car and Next Gen car

If it was a track that I had already been on with the other car it would be easier to compare, but it’s kind of apples and oranges when it’s a different car and different track. So it’s hard to tell [the differences], honestly.

On the tires that were tested

Goodyear had a good plan coming into today, and I think they’re pretty happy with the results that they got. I think what they brought with the control set is probably a little harder than what they need. They brought a softer tire and they were pretty happy with it and I think that’s probably a combination of what they’ll bring out West.

On tire testing after so long out of the car

I haven’t been in one for five years. It’s fun to get in and do something different and do something I haven’t been able to do for a long time now.



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