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FanVision Entertainment Ceases Operations, Effective Immediately

Thursday, Oct 01 16795

Racing Electronics announced via email to customers on Thursday that FanVision Entertainment, the company that provides the video and other features not in-car radio  related on the FanVision LEGEND device, has ceased business operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of FanVision Entertainment ceasing operations, Racing Electronics will no longer be allowed to sell or support the FanVision or other FanVision LEGEND devices going forward. Racing Electronics acknowledged in the email sent to its customers that this was disappointing news.

While FanVision will cease operations, a separate company from Racing Electronics, Racing Electronics says the scanner features of the LEGEND device will continue to work at any motorsports event with radio communications. In addition, existing LEGEND device owners have an opportunity to purchase a new RE3000 or RE1000 scanner 40% off. The offer will be in effect until December 31st, 2020.

Existing LEGEND customers can also get a free seven-day trial of NASCAR Mobile’s premium features. The company says there is no specific start or end date for this exclusive trial and can be cancelled anytime.

Full email:

“Loyal Customer –

FanVision Entertainment notified Racing Electronics it immediately ceased business operations due to the economic impacts brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, Racing Electronics can no longer sell or support the LEGEND device that was carried under license from FanVision Entertainment. Racing Electronics recognizes this is disappointing news as FanVision was a valuable contributor to your at-track event experience.

Since our debut in 1988, Racing Electronics has strived to provide race fans with a best-in-class entertainment experience, and today we are proud and humbled to be fans’ No. 1 choice for race day technologies like scanners, noise-reduction headphones, and intercom headset systems.  Commitment to our customers will always be the top priority at Racing Electronics, and we sincerely appreciate your business.


The scanner features of your LEGEND device will still work at any motorsports event with radio communications. In addition, we are offering existing LEGEND device owners an opportunity to continue their engagement with all the sounds that make racing special – uncensored team communications, decisions made by race officials, and the live broadcast radio feed – with a motorsports scanner by Racing Electronics. 


Additionally, we are pleased to offer a free seven-day trial of NASCAR Mobile’s premium features. There is no specific start or end date for this exclusive trial and can be cancelled anytime.”

For those unfamiliar with FanVision, the tablet-like device allowed fans at the track to watch a closed-circuit TV broadcast along with in-car cameras and other angles of the race not offered to viewers at home. It also allowed those at the track to listen to officials, in-car radios, track PA and radio.

NASCAR fans did not hesitate to respond to this news on Twitter:

“As a visually impaired fan I really wanted to buy a Legend because after renting I saw a huge difference in my race day experience. Price was out of reach so I went with the RE3000. Hate to see them go out of business but also glad I never made the investment.” - @IngramsThe

“Covid claims a business that many fans enjoyed. At least @TXMotorSpeedway you can rent a scanner from @REradioz and see all the action on Big Hoss, the WORLD’S BIGGEST TV. I used FanVision when I went to other tracks and really like it.” – TMS President @EddieGossage

“Getting the email sucked. Bought my Legend in February in Vegas... I haven't even had it 8 months.” - @TMFlinchum

Racing Electronics will continue to operate and serve fans and teams at the track. The company has been operating since 1988, providing scanners, noise-reduction headphones, and intercom headset systems.

Brett Winningham

Brett has been following the sport of NASCAR since the beginning of the 2006 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Since Brett was 13, he has had a passion of chasing a job in sports that not many get the opportunity of doing. He has been in the NASCAR media since the middle of the 2010 season. Since then, he has been a part of many racing podcast shows to improve his talents. You can find him on twitter @NASCAR_Brett.


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