Sunday, Dec 03

One more lap, Dover

Sometimes drivers just need one more lap to change the outcome of a race. The fast speeds of NASCAR don’t always leave us with enough time to express ourselves in the moment. Here is one more lap of thoughts for us to digest after another exciting weekend of racing.

Turn 1: Dover International Speedway hosted its 100th cup race. Now the 10th track to reach this milestone, Dover has been hosting the cup series since 1969. The uniqueness of this track cannot be understated. Looking up as you stand next to the high banked turns you know there can not be another place like this. Holding your breath every time the drivers dive into the turns on the edge, and letting it out when they somehow make it without a wreck, it’s Dover. With a lot of discussion regarding new schedule changes, I don’t think we should take the monster mile for granted.

Turn 2: The Xfinity series has too many back marker teams. Across all series I think the number one issue that hinders NASCAR from attracting new fans is the lack of competition throughout the fields. Nowhere is this worse than in the Xfinity series where only a handful of teams can compete for wins and a title. In the 29 races this year only 14 drivers, out of a 38 car field, have finished on the lead lap more than 50% of the time. Also only six series regulars have won this year, and that’s four drivers excluding road courses (Cindric) and superspeedways (Annett). That’s one win to Chase Briscoe (Iowa) and 19 wins between the big three. Hi NASCAR, you have a competition problem!

Turn 3: These cars can’t pass, and it’s disappointing. Air is such a factor everywhere we go, but to see it at a place like this is frustrating. I still think dover is a great track, but this package does not help it. Even worse is that the only time we see passes for the lead is when the leader can’t pass lapped traffic. It’s entertaining because you get a wad of frustrated drivers fighting for position on track, but is that what we want? I still like to watch the leader try to fend off second place as they navigate the traffic, but I’d rather see a more genuine battle for the win.

Turn 4: Talladega ready to host the last superspeedway race of 2019. Not only do viewers get to enjoy the high speed action of superspeedway racing, but fans at the track get to enjoy the new renovated infield. The tensions will rise as opportunities dwindle and desperate playoff drivers need to win, who is going to take advantage of the opportunity. The MENCS and NGOTS will be on track next weekend, October 12th and 13th.

Thomas Latzkowski

Originally from central New York, I was first introduced to NASCAR through my uncle. I quickly developed an interest in the sport that has only grown over the last 20 years. I have a bachelors degree in agriculture business from SUNY Cobleskill, and currently work as an operations manager in New Jersey. In 2017 I thru-hiked the Appalachian trail, and since have been focused on pursuing my passions in life such as motorsports.



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