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FRM Race Preview: Dover

Wednesday, Oct 02 1500
Michael McDowell on Dover
17 Starts
Best Finish: 19th
Every racetrack we visit has its unique challenges, but Dover is always towards the top of the 'most challenging' list. It's tricky to pass and we don't have as much tire falloff as we did in the past, so you might not get as many opportunities to really drive through the field. I'm looking forward to having our partners at The Pete Store on the car with us this weekend. I think we'll be able to see some great speed from our No. 34 Ford Mustang.”
David Ragan on Dover
26 Starts
Best Finish: 13th
"We saw greater speeds at Dover with this downforce package in the spring, than we have in previous years. It's already such a fast and treacherous track, which makes dirty air this weekend even more of a challenge. I'm confident that Mike Kelley and our crew will put together a great car for us to be able to tame the 'Monster Mile.'”


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