Sunday, May 28

McDowell Points to One Variable You Can't Predict at Texas

McDowell on Texas

"Track conditions will probably be pretty similar as the spring race. The weather is kind of mild for both races. The one thing that you just never know about is the wind. The wind plays a huge factor in how your car drives. It’s been typically gusty at Texas. It’s one of those variables that’s ever-changing.

"Texas is a unique set-up for sure. It was a good race for us earlier this year. We qualified really well and finished in the top 15, which is a great run for us. And we feel like we made improvement on our cars, just like everybody has throughout the year. So, it’ll be a fun race to see where you stack up in comparison to when it was so early in the season. I’m looking forward to going back there, especially with Luber-finer as a new partner with Love's. This is a home race for Love's, and we always want to run well for them and their partners when we're there."

McDowell Texas Stats
17 starts, 1 top-15
Best finish: 14th 



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