Monday, Jun 27

Ragan Says Kentucky Speedway Requires Compromise

Ragan on Kentucky

"Kentucky is a unique track. It’s really different on both ends. Turns 1 and 2 are kind of tight and have a lot of banking. Turns 3 and 4 are very sweeping with no banking. So, you really have to compromise your set-up a little bit because you go 25 miles an hour faster in one corner than the other. Racetracks like Kentucky continue to age year in and year out. There’s a new tire at Kentucky this year, so it’s something that the race teams will be paying attention to.

"It’s always a fun weekend. The Kentucky area has a great group of race fans that come from all around the Midwest. It makes for a fun Saturday night race."

Ragan Kentucky Stats
7 starts, 1 top-10
Best finish: 8th



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