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LaJoie Secures 25th at Bristol Motor Speedway

Stage 1
Corey LaJoie rolled off the grid in the 34th position in the No. 72 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 at Bristol Motor Speedway to start the Food City 500
Caution Lap 5 (incident): Running 34th, LaJoie pitted for four tires, fuel and chassis and air pressure adjustments. He returned to the field to take the green flag restart in the 31st position. He immediately incurred a left front flat tire and had to come back to pit road for service
Caution Lap 18 (incident): LaJoie was posted 36th, two laps down from the leader. Having just pitted, LaJoie stayed out on track
Caution Lap 47 (weather - Red Flag): Ultimately lead to a red flag and stopped the field. LaJoie was 35th, three laps down. When the field returned to yellow, LaJoie stayed out to take the wave around. He took the green flag restart 35th, two laps down
Caution Lap 62 (incident): Running 34th, two laps down, Crew Chief Frank Kerr called LaJoie to pit for four tires, fuel, chassis and air pressure adjustments. He cycled back to the field in the same position
Caution Lap 119 (incident - Red Flag): Resulted in the second red flag scenario of the day. LaJoie was scored 32nd, three laps down relaying he needed more front turn. When the red flag was lifted and the field resumed under yellow flag, the pit crew serviced the No. 72 with four tires, fuel, a packer and chassis changes. Returning to green flag 28th, three laps down
Stage 1 Completion Caution Lap 127: LaJoie completed the stage 28th, three laps down. Having just pitted, he stayed out on track
Stage 2
LaJoie took the Stage 2 green flag restart 28th, three laps down
Caution Lap 156 (incident - Red Flag): Crew Chief Frank Kerr utilized the caution for four tires, fuel and packer changes.
Caution Lap 204 (weather): As a result of rain and forecasted for the remainder of the day, the race was postponed until Monday
After a delayed star on Monday due to weather, when the race resumed, LaJoie immediately came to pit road under caution for a packer, fuel and tires. He took the green flag restart 27th
Stage 2 Completion Caution Lap 252: LaJoie completed the stage 26th, five laps down. He stayed out on track to take the wave around
Stage 3
LaJoie was scored 26th, five laps down for the start of Stage 3
During a long green flag run (laps 262-324), LaJoie stayed consistent in the 26th position
Caution Lap 325 (incident): LaJoie relayed the No. 72 needed to turn better. With that, he came in for four tires, an addition of a packer and fuel
Caution Lap 355 (incident): LaJoie reported the No. 72 was the best it had been. He pitted for four tires and fuel; returning 26th, five laps down
LaJoie advanced a position and continued to run in the Top-25. He held that position and ultimately took the checkered flag in the 25th position to conclude the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway
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