Monday, Jan 30

Ragan on Phoenix: "We Don't Go to Any Other Place Like It"

Ragan on Phoenix

"Phoenix is one of those tracks that’s kind of a combination of a short track feel but with the speed of an intermediate track. I think fans have really embraced that track. They’ve had a lot of sellouts in the last few years. The reconfiguration took some getting used to right off the bat, but it’s aged well. You’ve got multiple lanes in both corners and opportunities to pass on both ends. It’s just a cool track, and that’s what makes our sport so unique. We do go to a lot of different styles of racetracks. And Phoenix is a unique place. We don’t go to any other place like it.

"Phoenix is a fun race with a lot fans out there, and it really makes you need a good-handling car, good brakes and good forward drive. A lot of factors go into being fast at Phoenix."

Ragan Phoenix Stats
22 starts, 1 top-10, 3 top-20s
Best finish: 10th



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