Friday, Jun 24

McDowell Takes On Las Vegas's 'Treacherous' Track

McDowell on Las Vegas

"Each intermediate track is different. Atlanta is very different than Vegas. Vegas is high speed, very treacherous, cars are twitchy. You feel like you’re on a qualifying lap every single lap. Then you go to California and you’ve got 17 lanes. Throw Phoenix in there, and after the West Coast swing, you get back after those races and you know where you’re at as a race team.

"You know where your short-track program is, you know where your intermediate program is. You know where you are on rough racetracks, you know where you are on smooth surfaces. And that’s where everybody goes, ’OK, here’s what we’ve got to work on. Here’s where we’re good, here’s where we’re bad.’"

McDowell Las Vegas Stats
8 starts
Best finish: 18th
Current points ranking: 15th 



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