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Harvick Doesn't Mince Words Regarding Schedule

Tuesday, Jan 23 2429

Today at the NASCAR Media Tour's second day, Kevin Harvick was asked about the schedule of NASCAR's premier series, and he did not hold back. First off, the schedule is too long according to Harvick, but that wasn't the main problem in his opinion. The main problem was the repetition of the same type schedule in Harvick's opinion. He believes that the main problem facing NASCAR was the lack of change the schedule has seen in recent years. He applauded NASCAR for making changes to the slate for this season, moving Las Vegas two dates, the second of which will be the first race of the playoffs. Among the other changes are Chicago moving back to its original date in July, the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis moving to the regular season finale, and Richmond's second date moving into the playoffs for the first time. The "Roval" at Charlotte Motor Speedway getting its spot as a playoff race was another thing Harvick applauded. "You won't have people burning their butts off in Indy in July anymore" Harvick said. Another interesting idea he raised was in regard to the contractual obligations these tracks have to host races to NASCAR. Harvick raised the point that perhaps tracks can start leasing their dates out to other facilities so the original owner of the date can make renovations to their facility, whatever it takes to get more people to the track. I personally would love to see Harvick's ideas take actual shape in NASCAR, but perhaps that could be better said than done. Regardless, you can always leave it to Kevin Harvick to give honest answers about how he feels about topics in the sport.

Nick Olsen

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