Sunday, Dec 03

David Ragan Phoenix Preview

Ragan on Phoenix

"We're excited to get to Phoenix. We have a new partner on board -- They're an Internet-based lighting retailer, and they're new to the sport. They're actually based out of the Dallas area, and we went and spent some time with them at their headquarters last week when we were in Texas. Then they came out to Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday to soak everything in. Now this week at Phoenix Raceway, they're going to be the primary partner on our 38 car. We're excited to have them and introduce them to our team and our sport.

"The upcoming changes for Phoenix are interesting. It’ll be really crazy driving off into Turn 1 for restarts, which would now be Turn 3. It’s a great short track where you have a lot of speed, but it still races very much like a short track. As an industry, we’ve gotten really good at paving these tracks the last few years, and we know how to artificially age the surface so it makes the racing a lot better. And it allows Goodyear to bring a softer tire that won’t blister and won’t overheat. The cars have grip and we can move around."

Meet David
Friday, Nov. 10, 2-3pm - Camping World (10255 Papago Fwy, Avondale)



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