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Whitt Finishes 29th in RTIC Coolers No. 72 at Texas Motor Speedway

Stage 1
Cole Whitt qualified 29th to start the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway
Lap 7: Running 28th, Whitt relayed the RTIC Coolers No. 72 was loose through the exit. By Lap 19, the handling had worsened and was spinning out getting into the corner and nothing to lean on in the right rear causing Whitt to fall one lap down from the leader by lap 22
Lap 55: Whitt pitted under green flat for four tires, fuel, wedge and air pressure adjustments and a right side packer. He cycled back to 25th, two laps down from the leader
Stage 1 Completion Caution Lap 85: Whitt completed the stage 33rd, three laps down. He expressed the RTIC Coolers No. 72 was bouncing all over the place, experiencing a vibration in Turns 3 and 4. Crew Chief Frank Kerr opted to keep Whitt out on track to take the wave around
Stage 2
Whitt took the Stage 2 green flag restart 33rd, two laps down
Caution Lap 94 (incident): Running 33rd, two laps down, Whitt pitted for four tires, fuel, air pressure and wedge adjustments returning to the track 33rd, two laps down. Within two laps, Whitt expressed he had a terrible vibration
Lap 140: Whitt relayed the handling had become better during the long green flag run. He came in for a green flag pit stop on Lap 153 for four tires, fuel and air pressure adjustment.
Stage 2 Completion Caution: Lap 170: Whitt completed the stage 33rd, four laps down. He pitted the No. 72 for four tires, fuel and air pressure adjustment
Stage 3
Whitt was scored 33rd, four laps down for the start of Stage 3. Within two laps, Whitt radioed he had a bad vibration. Crew Chief Frankie Kerr did not want to take the risk of a possible tire failure and called Whitt to pit for four tires and fuel
Caution Lap 234 (spin): Running 32nd, four laps down, Whitt pitted for four tires an fuel for the RTIC Coolers No. 72. He maintained his position of 32nd when he returned to the field
Caution Lap 242 (incident): Witt stayed out as he had just pitted a few laps prior
A few additional cautions occurred. Lap 284 (incident) brought out a red flag and stopped the field. When the red flag was lifted and the field was back under yellow, Whitt pitted for four tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment. He restarted 29th, three laps down
Whitt continued to run 29th for the duration of the remaining laps. He took the checkers in that position completing the AAA Texas 500.
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