Monday, Feb 06

Landon Cassill Loudon Race Preview

Cassill on Loudon

"We're coming off a really good day and a good finish at Chicagoland, and we want to keep that going at New Hampshire. We had a pretty good finish there in July, and I think we can even improve on that. I think we can qualify better and be better the first half of the race. In July, I felt like we made some good adjustments, and the car was at its best the second half of the race. It was pretty darn good. So, if we can start the race from that point and work from there, hopefully we'll have an even better finish.

"I thought the VHT they applied to the track made the racing better. It still raced the same way New Hampshire always races, but maybe passing was a little bit better. And that's good for these cars. Passing at New Hampshire is definitely tough. But we were able to run down on the bottom and get some grip on exit. It made for a good race, and I'm looking forward to going back."



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