Wednesday, Mar 22

Whitt Finishes 35th in No. 72 at Chicagoland Speedway

Stage 1
  • Cole Whitt qualified in the 35th position in the No. 72 to start the Tales of the Turtles 400
  • Whitt sustained frontend, nose damage to the No. 72 on the start of the race. He relayed by Lap 3 he was tight through the center
  • By Lap 15, Whitt had fallen one lap down from the leader
  • Being caution free, green flag pit stops were underway when Whitt was posted 33rd, two laps down on Lap 40
  • Lap 44: Crew Chief Frank Kerr called Whitt to pit under green flag for four tires, fuel, a rubber out of the left rear and two rounds on wedge. Whitt rejoined the field 38th, two laps down and immediately relayed he felt a bad vibration
  • Lap 80: Stage 1 Completion Caution: Cole Whitt completed the stage in the 36th position, four laps down from the leader. He stated the No. 72 was loose in the nose. He pitted for frontend repairs requiring bear bond, four tires, fuel and a packer pulled from the left front. Upon returning to the field, he relayed the bear bond had not adhered properly. He returned to pit, under caution, for more repairs.
Stage 2
  • Whitt started Stage 2, 37th, on the leaderboard, five laps down from the leader. 
  • Lap 125: Under green flag, Whitt pitted for four tires and fuel
  • Lap 160: Stage 2 Completion Caution: Whitt completed the stage 37th, seven laps down from the leader. He reported he was loose in and tight off. Kerr called for four tires, ½ rubber in the right rear, wedge in the left rear and fuel.
Stage 3
  • Whitt took the green flag restart to begin Stage 3 in the 36th position, seven laps down. Upon returning to green flag racing, there was an immediate caution for spin in Turn 2. Whitt came back to pit to top off with fuel and clean the grille of the No. 72
  • Whitt continued to run 36th as the handling became tighter. 
  • With the final caution on Lap 211, Whitt utilized the opportunity to pit for four tires, fuel, one rubber out and one round of wedge 
  • Consistently running 35th for the remaining laps of the Tales of the Turtles 400, Whitt managed to maintain that position and finish out the day at Chicagoland Speedway



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