Monday, Mar 27

Dale Jr. Fine with Taking Race Wins Away

After Denny Hamlin left Darlington Raceway last weekend with double encumbered wins for his effort in the Sports Clips 200 and Southern 500, Dale Jr. said he would be fine with NASCAR taking wins away from teams.

At issue is the wins are still awarded as an official win, trophy and points are passed out to the winner once certified. However after penalties are levied mid-week following post-race inspection the win no longer counts nor playoff points can be used in the new system, race wins used to carry over have always been taken away but points used to carry through had added a new dynamic to the penalty system.

However the core of NASCAR and its foundation is Bill France Sr. always said fans deserved to know who won a race when leaving the stands.

Is it time to change that, Dale Jr. seems not to mind however doesn’t feel with his pending retirement that he’s the guy to ask.

“They want them to leave the race track knowing that this guy won the race. I don’t know. I think that there needs to be a lot of discussion about it and I don’t know that it bothers me that a win is taken away on Tuesday or Sunday night, you know?  It doesn’t bother me.” Said Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Earnhardt for his part said earlier in his career that a problem found and getting thrown out was something of the norm and in many cases to this day at short tracks across the nation including many NASCAR sanctioned Home Track this is the case, usually at the discretion of the race director and the egregiousness of the offense committed.  

“I always didn’t have a problem getting thrown out of a race back when we raced on Friday and Saturday night at short tracks.  If they found your car wrong, they threw you out.  And nobody ever thought that that was crazy.” Continued Earnhardt Jr.

However racing at this level of racing with massive amounts of sponsorship, money and marketing on the line Earnhardt makes what could be the best point of all.

“There’s only two things that matter in racing and that is trophies and money.   Those are the things that are going to be the deterrent and the things that will be impactful”


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