Sunday, Jun 04

David Ragan Pocono Preview

Ragan on Pocono

"Pocono is a very unique race track. It’s one of the reasons that our NASCAR circuit is fun to watch every weekend. Each race track is a little different, and Pocono is one of the more unique places that we race on. Turn 1 is a traditional, high-banked corner. Turn 2 is very flat, but very tight. And Turn 3 is very sweeping without a lot of banking. It's hard to get your car working well in all three corners, but our Overton's team will be working hard to get as close as we can.

"The stages are going to play a key role in the outcome of the overall finish because you’ll be able to pit during the stages without losing a lap and try to gain some track position. So, I think you’ll have guys on different strategies – some trying to gain points for that stage, but some cars that will just throw away those points and try to set themselves up for the final stage. I think Pocono could be a place where you’ll see some unfamiliar names up front at the end of one of the stages just because the strategy worked out right."



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