Pioneer Technology Saves Historical Petty Documents

In April 2016, the Petty Museum experienced a fire in the multimedia room of the original Petty Enterprises building. Following the fire, the museum knew they needed to find an alternative to store and keep the thousands of unique and one-of-a-kind documents from the storied Petty family history. They looked no further than Richard Petty Motorsports partner, Pioneer Technology.
The Pioneer Records Management team performed a thorough assessment and determined approximately more than 1 million documents containing Petty Enterprises related historical financial documents, contracts, miscellaneous team documents, photographs, engineering notes, marketing material, partner information and other one-of-a-kind documents were at risk. The Pioneer team worked with the Petty Museum to establish a plan to index, digitize and organize the documents at risk.
The first phase of the project started in the fall of 2016. Pioneer salvaged over 100,000 historical documents. Preparation is now underway to begin the second phase of the project.
Upon completion of the project, the Petty Museum will not only have their unique historical documents digitized and archived, but they will be securely stored and available for online access via Pioneer's secure document hosting solution, YourDox.
"This service is invaluable," said Sharon Farlow, Executive Director Petty Museum. "These documents are our family history. They mean the world to us. When we had the fire early last year, it really opened our eyes to how quickly we could lose everything if we didn't find a plan. Thankfully, Richard Petty Motorsports has great partners that we were able to tap into for this solution."
"I'm very grateful for everything Pioneer is doing to save our family history," NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty. "We saved everything, but didn't have a plan if something were to happen like a fire. Now, we do."
This project couldn't come at a better time for Pioneer Technology as they expand the company into the private sector, making them a perfect fit for the Petty Museum.
"It's been a privilege to work with the Petty Museum to preserve and protect its rich history," said Steve Rumsey, CEO of Pioneer Technology Group. "As fans of the sport ourselves, it's extremely rewarding to know that our efforts will allow the Petty brands to share its history with fans across the globe."


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